One Direction 2013: Courtney Webb says Zayn Malik tried to film her during sex – he meets Perrie Edwards!

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Courtney Webb has claimed that Zayn Malik tried to film her when they allegedly had sex with each other last week.

The Australian waitress sold her story this weekend and claimed that she was at the One Direction singer’s house last week, just after his visit to Japan, and spent the night in his London residence where they enjoyed a night long romp.

The blonde beauty claims that Zayn told her he was single, before inviting her to his home and revealed that once there he tried to film her on his phone, while they were getting down and dirty.

She told The Sun:

“I couldn’t believe it, I immediately stopped and told him to delete it.”

Zayn may have been all persuasion and smiles before Courtney did the deed but she says she can’t believe how much he changed afterwards and revealed that as soon as they were done he wanted her to leave immediately.

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CJ says she was treated like an ‘object’ and explained:

“As soon as we finished having sex he wanted me out of the house and out of the way. His behaviour was disgusting. He treated me like an object.”

At this point Webb claims she began to get suspicious and when she saw some of Perrie Edwards things lying around the house, she awoke to the fact that Zayn may not be as single as he had claimed. She said:

“I was so suspicious of Zayn by now. I saw some girl’s fake eyelashes on the rug in his bedroom and a pair of women’s pink cut-off wellies with a black bow on the side.”

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“I decided to Google him on my phone. It came up with a load of recent news stories about him and Perrie Edwards.”

“Straight away in my head I was thinking, ‘You absolute s—, how dare you cheat behind your girlfriend’s back’. I sat there and thought about it and got more and more angry.”

Zayn has a lot of explaining to do and as yet, neither he nor his Little Mix girlfriend have made any comment about CJ’s claims.

Malik was reportedly seen with Perrie yesterday at a Nottingham hotel, as she prepared for the next stage of her UK tour. The timing couldn’t have been worse and it’s reported that the pair looked tense, when they left the venue and got into a cab together.

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You can read how their showdown went here but it sounds like the One Direction hunk had some serious explaining to do.

What do you think of the whole story? Do you think Zayn cheated? Could Zerrie be over? Leave your comments below…

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10 Responses to “One Direction 2013: Courtney Webb says Zayn Malik tried to film her during sex – he meets Perrie Edwards!”

  1. Timmy says:

    It’s not true!!! There’s no way!!! Zayn is amazing guy ! And he did not do this to her

  2. Nicki says:

    I love 1D just as much as the next Directioner, but I’ve seen the pictures, she took pictures of him in bed at his house when he was asleep. I mean, I’m not saying I believe this 100%, but all the evidence says it’s true..

    “If the shoe fits”

  3. 1D forever says:

    No WAY!! this is NOT true and Zayn would NEVER cheat on Perrie NEVER This is SO not true I refuse to believe this

  4. Mixer says:

    People are been posting about one of Courtney’s friend or whatever that looks exactly like Zayn, minus a few differences-like their noses for an example. They also have the same facial hair and facial structure. She could have also photoshopped the tattoos on or whatever, I believe that Zayn is innocent. Don’t believe the media unless it comes from his mouth on tape.

  5. 1D Big Fan says:

    I don’t know what to think, but I am for Zayn 100%.

  6. Yes he did 100% says:

    His sleazy

  7. Zayner Maliker says:

    I KNOW Zayn is innocent. He is an AMAZING guy and I dont think he would ever do that kind of thing. Dont trust the Media. They do what they do for the MONEY!! That’s all they care about!!! Just the MONEY!! If Perrie doesnt believe Zayn then I dont know what will happen!!

  8. Silly people says:

    I’m not saying Zayn did it or he didn’t.
    But you guys are being pathetic saying ‘I know Zayn he wouldn’t do that!’
    No you don’t, you’ve seen him on tv a few times etc, your not his friend, you don’t know him. Your pathetic. Just leave the couple to sort it out and butt out you silly imature girls.