One Direction 2013: Fans are loving Niall Horan’s tribute to Demi Lovato! (VIDEO)


Niall Horan has proved that he really does listen to his pal Demi Lovato’s music this week.

The One Direction star was preparing to be interviewed recently, when he entered the room absent mindedly singing ‘Give Your Heart a Break’ by the X Factor USA judge.

The song is taken from her last album ‘Unbroken’ and was released in January 23, 2012, just before Nialler met the star when his band toured America.

The video has caused a very gushing and soppy reaction online and the comments section is chock full of ‘awwws’ and ‘baby!’.

The comments from fans include:

awwwwwwww nialler babbbyyyy thatttt isss soo cutee <33333333333

Awwww!! this is so perfect! I know he’s just singing to sing but it still sounds good! My baby :’) x

Aww Aww thats so cute ! xx

niall horan

Horan has been linked to Demi on many occasions, with various sources saying they once dated and even Simon Cowell warning the US pop star off the Irish hunk. However he denied that they were romantically involved last year.

“What actually happened was that I always used to say in my interviews that I liked her and she also said she liked me,” the 19 year-old told Now magazine.

“We got in contact through Twitter and we just started chatting and became friends. When I’ve been in LA and had a few hours to myself, I’ve seen her a couple of times.”

niall horan little things

While there’s no romance yet, looks like Niall is quite the fan of Demi’s.

“[She's] one of the nicest girls I know. She’s super-cool,” he gushed. “She always texts me to see how I am. But nothing ever really happened.”

He may not want to date Demi, but he certainly seems to be a big fan of her music. Check out the video and leave your comments below…

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7 Responses to “One Direction 2013: Fans are loving Niall Horan’s tribute to Demi Lovato! (VIDEO)”

  1. Katlyn says:

    See, Nemi FOREVER! Huh, huh…..did I tell you or did I tell you? :)

  2. alina says:

    It’s Diall :) and i ship them yeah they cute,they cute :)

  3. Marianna:d says:

    Www so cute Nemi would be so cute together :) <3<3<3

  4. Anisa says:

    we really want to see nemi or diall romanticly involved right? <3

  5. Anisa says:

    we really want to see them romantically involved right? <3

  6. talyn says:

    i dont want him to date her because i think he should date someone his own age and he really sounded good but your couldnt really hear him sexy voice but i wouldnt mind if they dated but still i want the best girl for him love you NIALLER ur a BABE.

  7. Kim Nguyen says:

    kim say:

    Hi Niall Horan