One Direction 2013: Harry Styles lavishes more gifts on Taylor Swift! This time, it’s a vintage bracelet!

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One Direction star Harry Styles is clearly a very generous boyfriend, and since he began dating US pop star Taylor Swift, he’s showered her with expensive presents…

But there, given he’s a multi-millionaire, I guess he can afford to make grand gestures, and he’s reportedly just made another with the purchase of a vintage bracelet for his sweetheart.

The Sun reports, “He’s handed his missus a vintage emerald bracelet to celebrate them seeing in 2013 together in The Big Apple.”

Harry apparently bought the bracelet while he and Taylor were exploring Northern beauty spots last month…

taylor harry 1A source close to him told the paper, “Harry handpicked the present for Taylor while he was back home.

“He found it in a second-hand shop and she was impressed when he handed it to her.

“He gave it to her at the plush hotel they stayed in while they were celebrating New Year in New York.”

The insider added, “Harry is head over heels for Taylor and even admitted he loves her while they were in the Big Apple.”

Well, I guess there needs to be some love for Harry on Taylor’s part, given that she apparently doesn’t like his “image” and wants him to be less casual in his dress sense.

But she may then be appeased by seeing Harry in a sailor suit for the promo photos ahead of the release of the official video to Kiss You which is due to be released next Monday.

On the other hand, it might put her right off…

Here’s a sneak peek look at the video…

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