One Direction 2013: Harry Styles’ Megan Fox lookalike girlfriend Shaniece Nesbitt deletes her Facebook page after death threats!

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We reported recently that during One Direction’s live show in Belfast, singer Harry Styles spotted a girl in the audience who looked a lot like actress Megan Fox…

Ladies’ man Harry reportedly sent his bodyguard into the crowd to get the girl’s name and number, and onlookers at the concert said that Harry “stared at her” throughout the gig.

And at the time of reporting on the story, we expressed our hope that the girl wouldn’t be named, because of course, Harry’s girlfriends tend to get a lot of stick from jealous fans, and even death threats.

However, been named she has and she is 18 year old Shaniece Nesbitt, who reportedly spent the night with Harry after the concert.

shaniece nesbittThe Sun adds, “Terrified Shaniece deleted her Facebook account yesterday.”

A friend of hers told the paper, “Shaniece has been getting messages saying she deserves to die.”

And of course, she’s not the first – and I’m sure she won’t be the last – of Harry’s lady friends to be abused and threatened merely for being romantically linked to the singer…

Xtra Factor host Caroline Flack endured hell at the hands of 1D fans when she dated him, as did Taylor Swift and model Emma Ostilly.

Similarly, DJ Lucy Horobin was inundated with abuse when it was reported that she’d had an affair with Harry while she was still married. She’s since got divorced from her husband.

What do you think of fans who threaten and abuse Harry’s girlfriends?

For now, here’s a look at 1D live recently…

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19 Responses to “One Direction 2013: Harry Styles’ Megan Fox lookalike girlfriend Shaniece Nesbitt deletes her Facebook page after death threats!”

  1. Ellie says:

    She’s soo cute. I think her and Harry would be a great couple. :)

  2. Wendy says:

    It’s totally pathetic the way these young girls are treated , do their fans think that they’d be in with a chance if they were single if so they’re delusional. The real fans are the ones who’ll support the boys’ choices not behave like bunny boilers

  3. Arianne says:

    I cannot believe that some people are sending death threats to her! I mean, she is way better than Taylor Swift. She’s a fan, a regular girl and she seems nice and she doesn’t look like she would just, break the band or something. Harry deserves happiness, too. And, if they are TRUE fans, they would just support Harry’s decision and just be happy for him. And, she is GORGEOUS. And overly hot. I think she and Harry would be cute together. I’m a Harry and I’m kind of jelous but, I’m happy for him :)

  4. Ruhma says:

    I think that she deserves respect just like Eleanor Daniella and Perrie . Guys don’t forget Niall is still single.

  5. A cute girl says:

    Hi Harry if this is u you soulfd go out with a girl like me I am very very rich and I lie in iireland Waterford melleray u will see a a long walk in and I am 14 so I hope Harry likes me because he is the cutest guy ever oh and girls Niall is still single oh and Harry tell this to Niall ,Niall u should start staring at cute girls like me my name is ???u will find out when I MET you I love all of ye I LOVE ONE DIRECTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    • Katlyn says:

      Some of these fans seriously need Jesus (no joke intended). The fact that you are willing to wish death on someone shows just self-centered you are… The amount of dissapointment I am feeling towards those “fans” is unreal. And to Shaneice, Stay Strong! You are incredibly lucky to have this oppritunity and don’t let it slip away because of those people! Love ya! <3 ∞

  6. Ty says:

    To me if fans want to be selfish about the guy they like the most not
    Like Harry enough to let him like who he wants to 😎😜😘

  7. je moeder says:

    Shut up Ellie nobody likes you

  8. Rachel says:

    Actually je moeder I think you should shut up I think it’s great he takes an interest in fans what if it was you? Would you want people sending you death threats? Every single person who does that is a total hypocrite honestly and I’m glad he noticed her good for her I hope they are dating :)

  9. Bridgette says:

    Has harry even confirmed they’re dating? They could have just said that she was his girlfriend.

  10. Grace says:

    It hasnt even been confirmed that they are dating so wtf are people going crazy about

  11. Isabella says:

    I don’t know why some of the fans get so upset. It’s weird. Most of the time I’ve noticed it’s the younger ones. I’m 18 by the way. lol anyways she’s gorgeous and if they’re sending hate it’s just because they’re jealous and wish any of the boys would show them the time of day.

  12. Alex says:

    I think they would be so cute together! It might give us hope because he dated a fan like us. :)

  13. Bridgette says:

    I’m sorry but in the picture she looks like a hooker.

  14. Ling says:

    Wow, she’s so beautiful. I think she and harry would look cute together. All haters are just jealous. Leave the girl alone.

  15. santoni kina says:

    r u ok in the head .People r alwsys soo mean 2 cute superstar’s girlfriends.If u like ‘em so the stars SO much y r u mean 2 there girlfriends.Every time u send a DEATH THREAT ur also heating the superstat 2.So STOP COZ UR BEING DAM MEAN 2 EVERY1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!