One Direction 2013: Hours before Harry Styles meets up with Taylor Swift, a “mystery blonde” leaves his home at 1am!

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Fans of One Direction star Harry Styles will no doubt know that he’s set to meet up with his ex, Taylor Swift, in France where the pair are apparently going to have “talks” about whether they can get back together again…

However, it seems that Harry’s hedging his bets woman-wise as the People report today that a “mystery blonde”- who apparently looked “remarkably like” Harry’s former love, Victoria’s Secret model, Emma Ostilly – was seen leaving Harry’s house at 1am recently.

The paper adds, “The girl’s visit comes as pop star Taylor spoke of her disappointment with disloyal boyfriends during an interview on a Spanish TV show.”

A source close to Harry said, “Since he split with Taylor a few weeks ago, Harry has stayed away from women.

“Who knows what’s going on but there is no chance he and Taylor will get back together now.

“People keep on saying that when they meet up in Cannes they are bound to reignite their relationship, but that is hardly going to happen.”

Yesterday, Harry and his One Direction band mates flew out to France, and last night, they performed at the NRJ Awards where of course Taylor was also performing.

Last week, Taylor said, “Loyalty is really important, you don’t want someone who is going to change their mind every five minutes.

“You don’t want someone who is going to go ‘Oh, something else, I am going to chase that now.’”

Well, if this report about Zayn Malik it true, she might want to tell him that!

one direction nrj awards 2013

Here’s a look at the 1D lads at the awards show last night…

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