One Direction 2013: Liam Payne is happy & hairy but Puke! What is Niall Horan doing?

niall horan

Yes we know that Niall Horan loves his food and yes, we do know that he will eat almost anything but we don’t understand how he stays so svelte after consuming so much crap.

The One Direction star is a junk food addict and tonight he has been sampling some of Scotland’s best artery clogging cuisine!

Nialler is joined by Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson in Glasgow, and the fab fivesome are up north on the latest leg of their ‘Take Me Home tour.

They opened the Scottish performances last night in the city’s SECC and tonight, returned to the stage for their last show.

Horan stocked up on carbs and crap before he performed for his Scottish Directioners and it sounds like he went a little bit overboard, even for him. He tweeted tonight saying:

Niall Horan naked

“Havin a lie down! Ate way too much fish and chips and battered mars bar for dinner! Haha #stuffedisanunderstatement”

He added:

“Just had a massive dinner, need a lie down now ! Then ready to do it again now!”

While the Irish hunk was concentrating on his stomach, again (and what a lovely stomach it is too!) Liam Payne was caught up with another part of his anatomy.

liam payne africa

He took to Twitter tonight to express his joy at the return of his much missed hair and told fans:

“Thanks too fudge for all the hair products to go on tour with now I’ve finally got my hair back ;)”

Of course Daddy Directioner shaved his head last September shortly after he split from Danielle Peazer. Thankfully their relationship is back on and now his hair is on it’s way back too. All is good!

What do you think Directioners? Leave your comments below…

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