One Direction 2013: Louis Tomlinson is in Dublin & Eleanor Calder gets ‘worst news’ ever!

louis eleanor

Eleanor Calder has revealed that she’s feeling pretty upset this week and once again she’s taken to Twitter to share her news.

The pretty student of course has millions of followers on the micro blogging website because of her relationship with One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson and tonight she told them all that she is feeling a little down. But don’t worry Calder fans, it’s nothing serious.

Eleanor is just a bit wound up, because she heard the news that US TV bosses have cancelled teen drama 90210. She tweeted:

“90210 being cancelled is possibly the worst news I have ever recieved… 😢😢😢”

Thankfully the good weather did lift her mood a little and later in the evening Calder tweeted a friend, adding:

louis eleanor

“The sun is shining! I have a hand in at 2 and then let’s be vocally excited outside somewhere? Text me ☺ xxx”

While Eleanor is settling back into life at Uni, her boyfriend is continuing his tour. The One Direction singer rejoined his bandmates in Dublin today, for the Irish leg of the group’s tour and later in the week he will travel north to Belfast, before heading to Liverpool at the weekend.

one direction take me home

No doubt Calder will join Tommo at some point, when they travel on to Sheffield, Birmingham and Nottingham at the end of the month.

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