One Direction 2013: Louis Tomlinson tweets about his sunburn after romantic break in Oman with Eleanor Calder!

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One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson is, it has to be said, an awesome boyfriend, and if proof of that were needed, he supplied it this Easter by taking girlfriend Eleanor Calder away on a romantic break to Oman…

However, on his return to the UK, Louis took to Twitter to explain why photographs in the press of his and Eleanor’s return showed him looking like he’d holidayed on the face of the sun.

He tweeted, “I must say I never ever get burnt but today I look like Paul Scholes stranded in the desert …”

He and his One Direction band mates, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Liam Payne, are of course currently enjoying a break from their Take Me Home tour, and as we reported recently, Niall’s been busy attending to his chest hair. As you do.

However, back to Louis, and we reported last week that he’d recently said that his idea of something “spontaneous” to do in terms of a date would be a visit to a theme park, which left us decidedly unimpressed with his imaginative skills, but clearly he was merely being modest given that his latest surprise and spontaneous action was to take Eleanor away on their exotic trip.

louis tomlinson, eleanor calder

He really is a great boyfriend! But on that subject, if you could, which of the 1D boys would be your dream boyfriend?

For now, here’s a look at the lads in action…

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12 Responses to “One Direction 2013: Louis Tomlinson tweets about his sunburn after romantic break in Oman with Eleanor Calder!”

  1. Jenny H. says:

    my dream 1D boyfriend would be none other than Harry Styles

  2. Reva D says:

    LOUIS!!!!!! agghhhhhhhh I love you

  3. Aigghhhtttreggy says:

    Love you louis! xx Your so beautiful! Directioner greeting from Texas, USA

  4. Liv says:

    Louis I love u so much
    That’s my dream bf peeps!!

  5. Asia says:

    Niall horan <3

  6. Jasmine Haberdashery says:

    Niall is my dream boy. I’m probably going to spend the rest of my life trying to find someone like him…

  7. Mrs.Tomlinson says:


  8. Imaginator626 says:

    I Love Niall Horan!!!!

  9. white chocolate says:

    I LOVE LOUIS and u cant dibs on him he already has a girlfriend so yer (im posting from Rotorua,New Zealand btw) LOUIS IS SO SO HOT but i wish i could meet one direction to see if they are nice and yer I LOVE LOUIS!

    • angelgirl says:

      i agree with you white chocolate! and girls dreams are always and will be is to meet one direction IN PERSON

  10. H.O.T gal says:

    So we like him but don’t over react over one Guy if you him just say so