One Direction 2013: Mystery of Zayn Malik’s “busted” hand! Has he been punching someone/something? And Harry Styles’ new love revealed!

zayn malik

It’s been reported today that One Direction star Zayn Malik has “busted” his right hand, and The Sun has photographs of him – which you can see by clicking here – that show his knuckles are grazed and bleeding.

The pictures also show significant swelling around his fingers and knuckles, and to me, it looks rather like he’s hit something hard, such as a wall or door.

Zayn has of course been left furious that Australian waitress Courtney ‘CJ’ Webb claimed that she’d slept with the 1D star recently, and as we reported yesterday, Zayn’s brother ‘accidentally’ posted Webb’s phone number on the internet, resulting in her receiving hundreds of calls from angry fans…

Of his mystery injury, the paper adds, “He flew in from France on Sunday for crisis talks with Perrie before her gig in Nottingham.

“Two of his fingers were taped together and cuts were clearly visible on his knuckles as he left a studio in London with bandmate Louis Tomlinson.”

However, on a lighter note, Zayn’s 1D band mate Harry Styles has a new love in his life; a Ford Capri!

ford capri

And like some of the women he’s dated, it’s an older model and considerably cheaper to run than some newer ones – cars that is.

Harry apparently paid £8,000 for the motor, which he bought on eBay.

A friend of Harry’s told TV Biz, “Harry is a massive petrolhead. He wanted a classic car and loves the quirkiness of the Capri.

“He can buy pretty much any car he likes but this didn’t exactly cost the earth.”

harry styles

Here’s a look at Harry with a rather more expensive motor…

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