One Direction 2013: OMG what happened to Liam Payne’s face & did Niall Horan do it?

Liam Niall One Direction

Niall Horan caused a bit of a panic on Twitter today when he posted a picture of Liam Payne covered in bandages.

The One Direction lads have been busy all week rehearsing for their Take Me Home tour, which begins later this month and as if we weren’t worried enough after seeing Zayn Malik with a injured hand last week, this evening Nialler caused concern with his latest shot of Daddy Directioner.

Horan shared a photo which showed Payne with his head wrapped in bandages. He was sporting a large white patch over one eye and his mouth was covered with dressings.

He added the caption:

“Wishin you a speedy recovery @real_liam_payne”

liam payne

We are assuming that the picture was a joke, but the picture managed to cause a fair amount of panic among Directioners everywhere and one tweeted:

“And @NiallOfficial stop wrapping @Real_Liam_Payne up in bandages. I almost had a heart attack looking at that this morning. Ya crazy kids”

Other comments included:

“Saw a picture of @real_liam_payne covered with bandages in his face. Yeah I know it’s a joke but I hope you’re okay!”

“@Real_Liam_Payne Liam, what happened to you? Why are you all covered with bandages? First Zayn now you. What’s happening up there?”

“@Real_Liam_Payne Cause I Wanna See Your Gorgeous Face, And I Can’t See Anything With Those Bandages! Awww Babe You Look Like Such A Puppy:(”

liam payne niall horan

Liam hasn’t responded to the concerned tweets just yet, but we’d bet money that the whole thing was some sort of crazy prank, after all we think a trained medical professional would have veered away from covering Liam’s mouth with bandages, had he really been hurt.

We hope it’s all a joke anyway, as we’d bet Liam has had enough hospitals to last him a lifetime. The hunk was seriously ill as a baby and previously revealed in 1D’s book Dare to Dream – Life as One Direction:

liam niall westfield

“When I was born I was effectively dead. Weird, I know. The doctors couldn’t get any reaction from me so I had to be brought round and although it seemed like I was okay, there were underlying problems.

“I was born three weeks early and I kept being ill. From the age of zero to four I was always in hospital having tests done but they couldn’t find out what was wrong. They discovered that one of my kidneys wasn’t working properly and it had scarred. I had to have 32 injections in my arm in the morning and evening to try and make me better.

What do you think Directioners? Leave your comments below….

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22 Responses to “One Direction 2013: OMG what happened to Liam Payne’s face & did Niall Horan do it?”

  1. Nevaeh scheidegger says:

    That pic really scared me!!! I hope he’s okay! Love ya Liam!!

    • Yazmin says:


  2. lilly says:

    OMG dat scaredthe hell out of me
    hope ur ok
    love u liam
    ur da best:)

  3. Leeyum rocks says:

    I hope Liam isn’t hurt that bad hope your okay you rock. Get Well Liam

  4. hailey says:

    i hope liams ok hope its only a joke get well liam you are the best!!

  5. alex says:

    if its true i dont think Niall did it to him, and if its true im sitting crying and i hope you get better

  6. Tinna says:

    Liam we luv u and we wont let things get any worse hope this is a joke luv u rock on

  7. Shyla says:


  8. rayar says:

    i hate those pranks that are simply not funny. grow up

  9. Lexi says:

    The pic scared the hell outa me. I know its a joke,but I was legit about to cry. My eyes were watering when I saw the pic.

  10. gabby says:

    If this is a joke please don’t do these kind of thing again hope u didn’t get hurt

  11. spn4evr96 says:

    1st time i saw it i almost had a heart attack these idiots are gonna be the death of me :P !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Savannah says:

    I don’t think Nialler did it. THE LOVE OF NIAM IS TOO STRONG! :)

  13. Lilly says:


  14. Katlyn says:

    OMG!!! I’M GONNA KILL WHO EVER DID THAT TO LIAM!!! OMG I’M…it was a joke…oh…good one, guys…hehe :/

    • CatLuver4Evah says:

      no offense, but I’m pretty sure if someone outside the band did that to Liam all that would be left of the guy would be a pile of slush on the sidewalk. Something tells me Liam would not only pound the guy (he does know how to box after all :]) but I also think the other boys would stick up for him as well :)

  15. Fatima says:

    I got so sad when i heard that this happened and Niall couldnt have done it because they are really good friends!!!!!!????????*

  16. CatLuver4Evah says:

    I guess that’s what happens when you’ve got a little too much time on your hands and an unlimited access to bandages?

  17. Zayna says:

    OMG!!! I’m not mad at Nıall ıf he dıd thıs to Lıam. But ı am conserned ıf anythıng serıous happened to Lıam. If ıt’s a joke, they got me ut ıf ıt’s realy, I2′m worrıed to death! Love you guys so much just don’t gıve us a haert attack!!! :)

  18. Sambabes says:

    This almost killed me :P hahhaha, I love you both :D

  19. sydney says:

    Really guys chill! Boys will be boys and play pranks and do dumb thing! It looks fake to! If his eye was bleeding you would see blood on the band aid! He is fine they were just playing around and living a little! Gesh!

  20. sydney says:

    I dont want to be mean! Cuz i love one direction i am a directioner! But to them you will all ways be a fan. The only way you will date them or what ever! is if you have what they want and you wont scream in there faces! And all fans will scream in there faces! And they find that annoying! So yeah!