One Direction 2013: So what will Perrie Edwards think of Zayn Malik’s new skull tattoo (PICTURES)

zayn malik, perrie edwards

While the cat’s away the mouse will play right? Apparently Zayn Malik thinks so and while his girlfriend Perrie Edwards is busy working in America, he’s only gone and got himself another tattoo….. and a big one at that!

The One Direction star is turning his body into a bit of a gallery for talented tattoo artists and another inking has been unveiled this evening on Twitter.

Zayn is in the middle of a week off from all things work related and today he journeyed down to Brighton to visit Bob Done’s studio, Magnum Opus, and had a dark and scary skull drawn on his left shoulder.

The skull is wearing a quirky looking top hat, has horns and is smoking a cigar.

Bob shared a photo of the tattoo on Twitter with the caption:

zayn tattoo

“Just tattooed a snazzy little skull on my homeboy @zaynmalik thanks dude! See you soon! #onedirection…”

Zayn has had eight tattoos previously and the inkings include a playing card, a microphone, a Yin Yang symbol and a pair of crossed fingers. He has now added a skull to the list.

Malik follows in the footsteps of his bandmate Louis Tomlinson, who unveiled two new tattoos yesterday, one on his chest and one on each ankle.

louis tomlinson tattoo guitar

One Direction fans don’t seem to be very appreciative of the excessive body art though and one tweeted:

“Every time the boys get an off they get a new tattoo. I think they should be on tour all year long. @zaynmalik stop already :(”

Another added:

“@zaynmalik For god’s sake, could you please stop with the tattoos already? What’s next? A tattoo on your face? I worry about you, bro <3″

What do you think Directioners? Have Louis and Zayn went too far this time? Leave your comments below….

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6 Responses to “One Direction 2013: So what will Perrie Edwards think of Zayn Malik’s new skull tattoo (PICTURES)”

  1. briar roberts says:

    hey how old are all of you

  2. briar roberts says:

    i live all of u and i want to know how old are all of you

  3. Jay says:

    Honestly the boys do have alot of tattoos. Harry’s are a little wierd and Louis to.
    I like Liam’s tattoos.
    I love Zayn’s tattoos.
    And Niall doesn’t have any, which is good.
    But they probably need to stop.
    Just saying. :/

  4. CJ says:

    I think tattoos are awesome I have 6 myself and I want more. it is a representation of them. If the want 50, go for it. They have some pretty cool ones.Keep inking.

  5. Meg says:

    Tattoos are awesome but too much of can lead to skin cancer. They really need to stop it and I don’t want any of them to have life-threatining diseases.

  6. directioner says:

    i thing the boys should calm down with the ink, thankfully @ least one of them dsn’t have any but we wouldnt wanna see them sick would we? i mean Zayn smokes already hes trying to stop but now a new addiction for all of them? tattoos…i think they should stop forat least a while!!!!!!