One Direction 2013: Taylor Swift reportedly wants to change Harry Styles’ image, saying he “looks odd” next to her!


There’s a phenomenon that occurs in relationships all the time, which is that we fall for someone because we like who and what they are, but then, after a while, one partner in the relationship seems to feel the need to change things about their lover…

And often, that can – if the other half in question is malleable enough – result in ending up with someone who’s quite different to the person you fell for in the first place!

And if a report in Now magazine is to be believed, though their relationship is still new, US pop star Taylor Swift wants to change her One Direction boyfriend Harry Styles’ look, citing that his trademark casual dress “looks odd” when he’s standing next to her for photos…

As fans of Taylor’s will know, it’s a rare day that she features in photographs looking anything less than cover-girl stunning, and in fact, it’s only harry styles, taylor swiftwhen in Harry’s company in recent weeks that she’s embraced the ‘dressed down’ look and worn jeans and cosy jumpers.

However, according to a source close to Taylor, she apparently now wants to discourage Harry’s casual look.

The insider said, “She loves his ‘foppish Brit’ look – it’s what first attracted her…

“But she says it looks odd when she’s in a designer dress and he’s in jeans and any old tired sweater.”

The source went on to say that Taylor would like Harry to talk style with her own stylist, Stacey Kalchman, saying, “Taylor’s suggested to Harry that his stylist should liaise with Stacey for when they’re out in public.

“She really likes him and sees a long-term future for them, but they’ve got to look like a well-suited couple.”

However, his 1D band mates are reportedly not so pleased with the idea of Harry radically changing his image.

The source said, “It’s almost impossible to try to style one of the boys differently to the rest of the band.

“Any image changes would have to be approved by the record company.”

What say you? Does Harry need to change his style? Or do you like Styles’ style just the way it is?

Here’s a look at the love birds celebrating New Year…

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38 Responses to “One Direction 2013: Taylor Swift reportedly wants to change Harry Styles’ image, saying he “looks odd” next to her!”

  1. Niallz_baby_moo says:

    Silly Taylor=( if she splits up the band I’m gona cry =( but she won’t. Harry is smarter than that! Luv ya haz x luv ya all ma 5 boiz x our 5 boiz x

  2. Niallz_baby_moo says:

    So sad I wanna b in 1D 3D but I DON’T HAVE A YOUTUBE ACCOUNT! ===========> :’(

  3. Sarah says:

    I personally think that Taylor needs to stop for a little bit and just calm down and then just leave. Leave One Direction alone, leave guys alone, just take a break, and maybe find herself a little bit better.

  4. Ashlei says:

    I think that Harry should wear what he wants and Taylor should respect the way he dresses. If she can’t accept him for him then maybe she need to find a different guy that will fit her image since she is so worried about when the pictures are taken of them. I honestly think Harry looks nice just the way he is, it fits him nicely and he shouldnt let anyone encourage him to change his style point blank period.

  5. vivian says:

    O.M.G changing Harry is just WRONG i LOVE him the way he is

  6. Direction-Ct says:

    I love Harry’s style, In my opionion if you love someone you wouldn’t try to change them.

  7. narry love child says:

    Please Tay just let him be himself. You shouldn’t love.him any less by what he is wearing. X

  8. whatever says:

    Well, I believe this source likely doesn’t exist… I call BS!

    It just sounds sooo ridiculous, I just can’t take it seriously.

  9. Taylor -.- says:

    Harry’s style is perfect the way it is! That’s him! She doesn’t like how she wears designer stuff while he’s just casual well then she should stop wearing designer stuff!! You don’t need to wear it 24/7. Taylor just needs to take a break and leave one direction ALONE

  10. Bri says:

    No, just, no. How long have they been dating and she’s already trying to change his image? If you are interested in someone you don’t try to change them, you like them for who they are, you should envy that. Taylor wants Harry for more publicity, they want the press to get excited, Haylor just simply isn’t real. Goodbye

  11. Kaylea says:

    YOu know what if Taylor really does love him then she should not wanna change his FRIGGIN look okay you should love him for who he is an what he looks like and you shouldn’t want to Change that just because he looks “odd” next to her that the biggest load of bull shit I thinking have ever heard Taylor say about him Harry doesn’t wanna change her! So why would she wanna change him?! I got news for her if she changes Harry in any way possible I’ll lose every ounce of respect that I have EVER had or her!!!!

  12. Lily Pham says:

    I don’t know, she shouldn’t force him to change his image. I saw a photo on Instagram saying that Taylor posted a tweet that says “F*** you, Directioners” and she deleted it later on and lost several followers. Is that a rumor or is it actually real?

  13. Lily Pham says:

    Please don’t change Harry’s image Taylor. If you love him, you should let him do anything he wants.

  14. Marzi says:

    IF YOU LOVE SOMEONE LOVE THEM FOR WHO THEY ARE AND YOU SHOULDN’T CARE FOR WHAT THEY WEAR BECAUSE IT DOESN’T MATTER what Taylor is doing is very wrong and shouldn’t be doing that to Harry and it needs to stop and this is very just sad and disappointing to me because I love one direction and I respect Taylor but this is something that isn’t right,he shouldn’t need to change and if she doesn’t like his look well she needs to get another boyfriend I am done

  15. Maddie says:

    She’s being really judge mental of him. Looks aren’t all that matter. So what if he wears blazers and jeans? Harry is perfect the way he is. If she can’t respect that, she doesn’t deserve him

  16. Sarah MA says:

    Yeah Taylor, First change his looks, make Directioners go mad, Ruin Harry’s career, taking Harry away from his band mates, probably trying to split One Direction, and then be like “Ooops!!” and walk away.

  17. sage says:

    WTF?! TAYLOR I CANT BELIEVE HER!he should be allowed to dress how he wants! im really ticked off by this, she better not change him

  18. Totoooo says:

    I really dont know whats happening between them ,but please taylor dont change hazza…he’s really good the way he is …its YOUR problem if his style is”odd” to you ..just leave him alone omg i dont want him to be like those bitchy celebrities who only care about themselves & all.. :/

  19. joe says:

    Total BS. Taylor is not a control freak.

  20. Riley Horan says:

    I think Taylor is being ignorant and extreammmmmly stupid if she wants to change his look!! If she really likes…or loves, Harry she would love everything about him and forget about his clothes an appearances. If she thinks she can just get Harry to dress fancy all the time, she’s crazy. She dresses down a lot and isn’t always wearing a designer dress… And Harry sometimes is wearing something nice like a blazer but he also can wear jeans and a tshirt… Like seriously Taylor doesn’t own him… So she should back off and let him do whatever he wants because he’s a big boy. boo Haylor!!! xxx mwah

  21. B says:

    I call BS on any article that has to use a manip as the main photograph because there aren’t even any to match the article… Maybe next time, start with a real photo and the article may seem a little more believable. Leave harry alone… He seems to be copping so much flack. Leave his private life private and stop printing BS to start rumors and get hits. Not cool in my books “unrealityTV”.

  22. Kay Kay says:

    WHAT! Harry is perfect the way he is and if she doesn’t like the way he dresses she is gonna have to either like it or lump it. They only been dating 3 months ( if she likes him she should like his choices) SHE AIN’T HIS FRICKIN MOTHER! :(

  23. Harry_styles_fan❤ says:

    No way I love harry styles !!! Come on Taylor you want him to change pleas don’t Taylor we love him the way that he is in it now don’t change his image come on girl maybe you have to change I mean just cause of what he dress I mean just Brock up with him if you don’t like the way that he dress there are like a 100000000 girls are waiting for dating him just think Taylor just think OK your making his fans to be mad I mean…..come on at the first time I was felling sorry for you I was saying ( why is Taylor HARRY STYLES girlfriend ) than I said ( maybe next Time for US ) but really now Taylor I can’t believe you before I was a DIRECTIONER I was your fan Taylor but …… You I just realllllly can’t believe it all of this world came out from you you make him stay a way from the BAND I think they are MAD at him all because of you And if HARRY read this I’m so sorry HARRY I’m still your FAN……LOVE YOU….. SO MUCH…..HARRY STYLES

  24. Rhiannonloves1D says:

    She’s stupid she shouldn’t be wanting harry to change his look just to look a little better so he suits her, if she really loves him looks shouldn’t matter harry can do what he wants that means not listen to Taylor about this whole change your style, and saying so he can look better for when they go out publicly, a little bit suspicious dont you think, really so all shes doung is wanting harry to change so she can look good next to him

  25. Hannah says:

    LOL what?!?! I am sorry Taylor but you are not changing Harry Styles you are lucky your even dating him! If a person really cares about someone I don’t think it should matter if they look good as a couple you should accept someone for who they are and if Taylor doesn’t like what harry looks like its like pretty much saying ‘your not good enough for me’ I hope Harry ends their ‘relationship’ soon because its probably all fake and… im rambling now but the point is Taylor needs to leave Harry alone he can do what he wants with his life

  26. Melody says:

    WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She shouldn’t change Harry at all.if she really did like Harry it wouldn’t matter what he looks like! if she can’t except that then she and Harry shouldn’t be dating. we all love Harry just the way he is and no one could ever change Harry

  27. fuckmeharry says:

    I think that Taylor is getting to stuck on harry! Taylor is always with him,! Harry never has time to hang with the boys anymore.Louis misses his old friend! I hope this relationship doesnt last long! I DO NOT WANT HARRY TO HET HURT!

  28. fuckmeharry says:

    If she likes harry she has to like him for who he his! She already changed harry! I miss the old him and idc who disagrees with me!

  29. Harry_styles_fan❤ says:

    Yeah !!!!!! I mean Taylor she can see all the girls what did they seid !!!!!!!

  30. Harrys_girl says:

    I feel like if you’re trying to change someone you might be the one who needs to change. Not trying to be rude, but if you’re embarrassed to be seen with your date who’s wearing jeans and a tshirt then maybe you should date someone more like you. Someone who’s into fashion as much as you, someone who tries to always look fancy/dressy. If you really care about someone and love them then what they wear shouldn’t matter as long as they’re fully dressed. If they’re more casual let then be, they’re their own person, you should never try and change that.

  31. Rachel says:

    Is she INSANE?! Do you know what kind of message that will send to HARRY?! Wow I thought she would never do that to someone. Harry even said never try to change someone, only like them for who they are. Something along those lines anyway ugh Harry don’t let her change you please you are perfect the way you are if she really respects you she will drop this crap maybe she should dress more casual like you. I cant even…WHY!!

  32. Habz says:

    Taylor.. You dont have to Change him :) Love him the way he is :) x thats what called #TrueLove