One Direction 2013: Taylor Swift told Harry Styles in a row “You’re lucky to be with me!” So he dumped her for being “too demanding!”

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It has of course been widely reported that One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles dumped his US singer girlfriend Taylor Swift this week, with various reports indicating that her jealousy and “nagging” – which we reported on earlier – were to blame for the break up.

However, The Sun also reports that while Harry and Taylor were on what should have been a dream holiday in the Caribbean, during a row, furious Taylor yelled at Harry, “You’re lucky to be with me!”

That evidently went down like a lead balloon with Harry, and according to US Weekly, a source close to the former couple said that in reply to Taylor’s remark, Harry “said something he shouldn’t have …”

The insider added, “This [breakup] is definitely going to be for good.”

Another source told TV Biz, “Taylor knows she’s far more high-profile in America and way richer, and saw her career as more important.

“She always brushed off his schedule and needs and put hers first.taylor harry 1

“When he complained his bandmates were getting irritated and she should do more to make things work, they started to yell crazy things.

“There were also problems over commitment. Harry wasn’t committed enough for her liking.”

Meanwhile, The Daily Record states that Harry ended his relationship with Taylor because he considers her to be “too demanding.”

Yet another unnamed source said, “Harry and Taylor had an incredibly intense relationship. -Unfortunately, it fizzled out.

“He felt she was nagging him, quizzing him on his intentions with various women and generally having very little faith in him.

“It all became too much and Harry found her a little too demanding.

“Taylor probably engineered the split but Harry held all the cards in the relationship.”

Here’s a recent news report about Harry and Taylor…

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