One Direction fans erupt as Taylor Swift mocks Harry Styles at The Grammys (VIDEO)

taylor swift

Uh Oh Taylor Swift we think you may have just messed with the wrong fandom. You have been warned!

Twitter erupted into a big ball of rage last night, as the country singer performed on The Grammys and apparently used the occasion to take a swipe at her most recent ex boyfriend.

Tay Tay opened up the ceremony with a performance of her hit single ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ and it appears that she related to her breakup from One Direction’s Harry Styles last month.

The pair split during a holiday in The Caribbean and it’s been claimed that Haz later refused to reunite with the blonde beauty, despite many pleas and attempts to reconnect.

Last night the American star seemingly exacted her revenge and all while wearing a comedy top hat! It started out nicely enough and the pretty singer belted out her tune, while modelling a pretty striking and flattering white hotpants and long coat combo.

taylor swift

We had a good idea who she might be dedicating the song to anyway, but in case we weren’t sure, she made it very clear when she got to the speaking part of the song.

Using a very British accent, which we assume was supposed to sound like the curly haired cutie, she said:

“He calls me up and he’s like, ‘I still love you’ and I’m like ‘I’m sorry but I’m busy, opening at the Grammys’.”

We think it’s fair to say that Tay Tay didn’t win any favour with Directioners after he little joke and Twitter was soon coming down with comments such as:


Taylor Swift you can go f*ck yourself with your crappy ass British accent. No b*tch is allowed to mocks our Harry.

ummm how dare @taylorswift13 made fun of my baby harry!!! like come on plez GET OUT OF MY DAM KITCHEN!!!! AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FO YOU!!!

I seriously still can’t believe @taylorswift13 did that to @Harry_Styles I mean, she was the one wanting to get back together. what a cow…

Um, why did Taylor Swift do a british accent are you mocking Harry this is rude…

Taylor Swift embarrassed herself more than she embarrassed Harry tonight in my opinion. It just shows her level of maturity is really low.

Meanwhile, Harry rose above it all and simply used Twitter to wish his good pal Ed Sheeran luck at the ceremony tweeting:

“Good luck to one of my favourite people ever to exist @edsheeran tonight at the Grammys. I have a good feeling… Love you bro .x”

What do you think of Taylor’s insults? Watch the video and unleash your fury below….

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27 Responses to “One Direction fans erupt as Taylor Swift mocks Harry Styles at The Grammys (VIDEO)”

  1. Lyns says:

    Taylor Swift has gone up in my estimation.

  2. kat says:

    Its a song she can sing it however she wants. Any guys that chooses to date her has fair warning, this is her fourth album and she wears her emotions through her music. Its not like she’s badmouthing him in tabloids, she is singing her song that’s nominated for a grammy and if the most annoying voice she can think of is a British one then so be it.

  3. whatever says:

    I hope that she won’t complain in the future if people make fun of her private life (her failure to keep a boyfriend in the long term) considering how she brings it up herself in her songs…

  4. sarah says:

    immature little girl.

  5. Kylie says:

    Oh sure! She certainly deserved all those tweets!! Keep it p Directioners!! I always thought she was innocent. But boy, I was dang wrong!

  6. Shannon says:

    Taylor,Taylor,Taylor didnt We tell you not to piss off the 1d Fandom We Will Come After You…Silly girl

  7. Charlotte says:

    leave our harry alone! tbh that british accent was a fail. she’s good a embarrassing herself. i’m suprised she hasnt released called i went in the wrong direction! stay away from him!!!!!

  8. spn4evr96 says:

    ok i don’t think she did tht on purpose but if she did GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Azirah says:

    I wish her next boyfriend who is gonna broke up with her will write a bad song about her !!

  10. veronica says:

    She needs to grow up. She is 23 and people don’t act that way.

  11. ... says:

    People say she’s perfect and she’s like an ange;. ANGEL my foot!

  12. Stacy says:

    it was just rude and uncalled for. Her and Harry were close and shared intimate moments and when it all went south, it’s like she forgot about that. Her joke was hurtful because it made Harry look like he was desperate (which he’s not). She made fun of him in front of the whole country, it wasn’t fair. In any relationship that shouldn’t happen. He’s being the mature one by turning his cheek and never talking about it.

  13. Mariah says:

    Grow up honey you’re 23, that was so unnecessary and rude.

  14. Rachel says:

    Not to be rude but I hope she’ll get hit by a car.
    That was so immature of her likr c’mon YOU’RE 23 GROW UP ALREADY.

  15. Lord voldemort says:

    Omfg taylor swift pisses me off so much. Like seriously. Mocking harry styles? VERY mature. Dont be suprised when you get a lot of hate from directioners cuz seriously. You’re bringing this upon yourself. Your an immature little child. HARRY IS A NINETEEN YEAR OLD BOY BUT AT LEAST HE HAS THE DIGNITY NOT TO EMBARASS YOU IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE COUNTRY. Someday someone is gonna slam you down so hard so dont be suprised. ‘Im not that girl who always has a boy friend. Im the girl who rarely has a boyfriend’ ? GIRL GOOGLE ‘TAYLOR SWIFT AND’ and see all the names of those guys. At least theyre mature enough not to write a god damn song about you. I really hope youre reading this taylor because it IS the truth and your reputation is forever ruined. And fyi, you are NOT a country singer. I hope the queen of england sees this. And hopefully she wont let you back into the uk.

  16. Mark says:

    Grow up you idiots, so she mocked her boyfriend, you’ve all done the same about your exes one way or another, don’t get defensive over someone you’ve never met.

    • whatever says:

      She is mocking her ex at the opening performance slot at the Grammies, is that really the right place to make this kind of petty gesture? Send a petty tweet or something like that would be one thing (not very responsible considering the number of followers she has, but at the very least contained to her fanbase), but the Grammy awards are deffinitly not the platform. It’s a music award show, not a real TV show about Taylor and her love life…

  17. Melledy Vittorio says:

    pardon the spelling mistakes even my touch screen went hay wire haha

  18. Brianna says:

    Taylor Swift in my opinion needs to grow up and act like she’s 23, not 13. I was a fan of hers at one point until she started “embarrassing” Harry Styles and making up stories to make him seem like the bad guy. I’m sorry but Taylor Swift is rude, immature, and irritating. That’s just my opinion but yeah she’s a terrible person…

  19. Amya says:

    Why would she do something like that?!!?!? It was rude, uncalled for, and just immature!! We get it!! You guys broke up and you’re never ever getting back together. We knew who you were talking about Taylor, we don’t need you to clarify it!!đŸ˜¡ She just messed with the wrong fandom. Directioners will end her now!! Ahaha lol

  20. Dave says:

    If Harry had trashed her publicly she would have been justified in doing this. However he has kept his mouth shut about their breakup. I thought she had more class then this. Why do the guys always break up with her? Can all of them be bad?

  21. Kaylea says:

    She has SOME NERVE!

  22. shelly says:

    nice pants though

  23. Rickye says:

    I Hate Taylor she’s at least dated 16 guys so faqr leave the stars alone all she wants is more songs about guys and i would like to punch her for making of Hazza

  24. Mike Harrison says:

    I for 1 am sure the accent was random so despite what all you little vicious children think she was not having a swipe you puppy.Oh and I wonder,What has it got to do with you anyway. How has it effected you? Now Come on HOW?.It seems to have driven some a little mad as now if you can you will do all you can to ruin Taylor Swift. What gives you that right.
    Here is how I see it. The less a person is willing to give to the press and then to the world the more they want. Miss Swift gives most everything in her songs but still that’s not enough. You want to know every bit of her life, why should you, do you want, for example,the world to know you use baby wipes after you pee. So we are not getting our deranged hunger sated what shall we do? ATTACK, that is what you do all the time. The fan bases have power but sadly NO maturity and will there for tear down all that upsets their small worlds. If you want to hat Miss Swift you may but I for one DON’T CARE. I am Sick to death with half stories and half truths based on nothing but bad feelings.I hate some dried fruits but I never thought to tell you, because you don’t care and I don’t need you to. If you can not be a posative person please be negative in you own sad small world don’t share it. Share the Joy , and love share the funnies and smiles. Get away from attacks for no good reason they are poison.
    You deserve to be a better human being than you are allowing yourself to be.
    Love, Stop the Hate.

  25. Niallz_baby_Moo says:

    I used to think of tay as a role model but her relationships just come and go like freakin trains!!! I mean at least hazzy respected her and hasn’t spoke about the relationship publicly or set out to “score one” against her… She’s embarrassing herself and losing a heck of a lotta fans like me! I still listen to her music but she’s let me down. She acts like she only dates to further her career and get more material for her next album! RANT OVER!!! I’m disappointed in you Taylor…