One Direction: Harry Styles dating stunning model Kara Rose Marshall? The hate has already begun!


Harry Styles has sparked a whole new load of rumours, after being pictured with a new lady in New York this week.

The One Direction hunk fought his way through mobs of screaming fans to enjoy a day with British model Kara Rose Marshall yesterday and he was pictured in the city’s Apple Store along with Kara and his band’s hairstylist, Lou Teasdale after joining the pair on a bar crawl and later at a rooftop party with other pals.

Eagle eyed Twitter users began to wonder if the pair were more than just platonic friends, when the beauty was pictured wearing what looks very much like Styles’ ‘The Who Tour’ T-shirt and soon after the gossip mill started churning.

Marshall has been working as a model in London for the past few years and described herself on a modelling website saying:


“I’ve been modelling for around 3 years, I studied fashion for 3 years too, I have a strong passion and interest in Art and fashion imagery/design. I find my strengths are working on high fashion shoots and beauty.”

Of course ever since she became linked to Harry, Kara has been inundated with tweets and messages from his fans…some pleasant, some not so much.

One Twitter user wrote:

Kara Rose Marshall harry styles

“@KaraRoseM what a dirty dirty hoe you are, making vines showing people’s body parts. Grow up!”

Another posted:


Do you think Harry and Kara are dating or is this another rumour being blown out of proportion? Let us know in the comments below!

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11 Responses to “One Direction: Harry Styles dating stunning model Kara Rose Marshall? The hate has already begun!”

  1. anon says:

    I can confirm that he ISN’T dating her. She is a friend of Lou and that is all.

  2. Perbhaat says:

    he’s not its kinda obvious

  3. toshia says:

    It’s so funny how these rumors get started any time he is anywhere near a girl. No it’s actually very sad. He has never been seen out alone with her so how does being seen with her amount to dating. Maybe you should speak about his real relationship, not the ones that the media makes up.

  4. Sara says:

    I just kind of sit here and laugh. All the rumours make me laugh.

  5. Perbhaat says:

    they hung out together ONCE big whoop

  6. Mariana says:

    Idk if this is a rumour or not, but even if it’s true, I don’t see the problem. I mean, he’s a guy, and it’s normal that he hangs out with girls. I pretty much believe that this is just a rumour, but someday one of this rumours will be true

  7. Natha says:

    That’s not true they’re are just “friends”
    Like all wee have friends
    And Lou is only the hairstylist of the boys is not a problem that
    Hazza and Lou has the sme t- shirts I mean everybody sometimes have the same skirt or the same t-shirt
    Or even the same jeans
    I really don’t see the problem

  8. anon says:

    Larry will be coming out very soon that’s how i know he isn’t dating her! Look out over the next few weeks

  9. Kristina Lynn rankin says:

    Rumors are bad why not the truth