One Direction: Harry Styles’ mate & Lawson front man Andy Brown has penned a track for 1D entitled Who We Are!

andy brown, harry styles
Fans of One Direction may recall that we recently reported that Harry Styles had been working with Lawson singer Andy Brown on some new tracks…

And today, Andy’s revealed that he’s penned a track specifically for One Direction, which is entitled, Who We Are.

The singer, who’s also written tracks for X Factor boy band Union J, told the Daily Star, “I might have a song on hold for One Direction which would be amazing.

“It’s called Who We Are and hopefully they are going to vocal it.

“It’s great for your CV and if it ends up being a single you’re rolling in it. You are talking millions.

“But it’s like throwing sh*t at the wall and hoping it sticks.

“1D have so many people writing songs for them I’m not going to splash the cash just yet.”


However, despite what he said about not splashing the cash, it’s also been reported today that he’s done exactly that by buying himself a new home!

The Star reports, “Andy Brown has just bought his own pad with the royalties from debut album Chapman Square But bandmates Joel Peat, Adam Pitt and Ryan Fletcher are still saving their pennies.”

Of why he’s got himself onto the property market ahead of his band mates, he joked, “I’m doing a little better because I write the songs.

“If you write them you get 60%, which makes a massive difference.”

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