One Direction: Harry Styles will babysit for Simon Cowell & Liam Payne evicts Louis Tomlinson from 1D!

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Harry Styles has admitted that he will be doing a spot of babysitting for Simon Cowell when his new baby comes along.

The music mogul is set to become a dad for the first time next year, after knocking up Lauren Silverman – who was still married to his friend at the time…messy – and it seems that he won’t be short of childcare options when the tot comes along.

The One Direction lads were being interviewed on Australian radio last week when singer songwriter James Blunt called in to ask them a question.

He wanted to know how much of a cut the boyband give to their record label boss and teased ‘I have to pay him and I wasn’t even on the X Factor!’

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Liam Payne joked that ‘too much’ of their money finds it’s way into their boss’ pocket, but Harry insisted that they pay him in ‘favours’ and added:

“We tend to not talk about money that much…..We actually just pay him in favours, so he’ll be like ‘Can you come and babysit?’.”

Payne defended his mentor and continued:

“Simon actually pays us in the end.”

The boys were also asked which member of 1D they would evict from the band Big Brother style, if given the chance.


They’re a loyal bunch and refused to turn on each other, though Daddy Directioner did joke that they’d already dropped Louis Tomlinson, since he missed the interview due to poor health.

Payne said:

“We have already evicted someone. Louis’ not here today because he has been evicted from the One Direction band!”

Listen to the full interview and leave your comments below….

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