One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles is “desperate” to date either Princess Eugenie or Pippa Middleton!

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One Direction star Harry Styles has of course earned himself a reputation as a heartbreaker and a ladies’ man, so there surely can’t be many young women – or older women for that matter – who he couldn’t go out with if he wanted to…

However, it seems that lothario Harry has his sights set on dating royalty in the form of Princess Eugenie!

According to insiders, Harry is “obsessed” with the idea of dating a royal in order to “boost his credibility.”

The Daily Star Sunday reports, “The randy lad has even drawn up a list of toff targets – with the princess as his ultimate catch.”

A source said to be close to the 1D star said, “Harry is so bored of the showbiz set and thinks it’s time to move up in the world.

pippa middleton“Backstage before gigs he was even trawling the internet, asking his bandmates what they thought of each girl.

“He drew up a ‘hit list’ and the only rule was they couldn’t be ¬married.

“Needless to say, Pippa Middleton is on his list – at number two – but he’s aware she has a serious ¬boyfriend.

“He also has a thing for Princess Beatrice, even though he said she’s not his ‘typical type of girl’.

“But he’s totally fascinated with Princess Eugenie. He thinks she’s got the full package of class, looks and status.”

Harry supposedly confided in one friend, “My next big plan is to pull a royal. It’s a totally different league when you get into those circles.”

His friend added, “Harry has even secured a few phone numbers already through his high-flying contacts.

“He hasn’t ruled out latching on to some of Pippa’s party pals to try and help him manoeuvre his way in there.

“Harry really likes Pippa’s friend Camilla Campion-Awwad, and is trying to get involved in her elite little circle.”

Do you reckon Harry could land a royal??

For now, here’s a look at his best bits…

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8 Responses to “One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles is “desperate” to date either Princess Eugenie or Pippa Middleton!”

  1. Victoria says:

    ok this is the most ridiculous thing i have ever read in my life. are you guys serious. oh and ps, he’s dating Louis so what are you guys on about anyway. and this is not just ridiculous to me because i ship Larry but just the fact that you seriously feel the need to write something that is obviously completely false. this is just seriously ridiculous and you need jesus bye.

  2. whatever says:

    Does the BS machine ever stop?

    I suppose not…

  3. Kevin says:

    This article is the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard. Are you delusional thinking people will actually believe this shit? Harry is not like that and the fans and boys all know that so whatever your trying to do isn’t working.

  4. broohaha says:

    harry styles shameless-social-climber now?? oh ok. production a bit low at the last brainstorming session? points for originality though.

  5. xxx2 says:

    They just copied the whole story from the daily star.Who is the worst glossy site ever.It is a shame than glossy sites and magazines still continue to fabricate fake stories even if the documentary star suckers shows how sleeky they are.

  6. Layla says:

    i smell bullshit -.-

  7. Clara says:

    What is this for story? Hahaha. Is this going to be his new image or something? The next beard, a princess?

  8. Elaine says:

    Yeah, BS. And stop with the Larry thing. That’s so obnoxious.