One Direction: Liam Payne LOVES the ‘power’, Zayn Malik gets philosophical & Louis Tomlinson talks Eleanor Calder!

by Lisa McGarry

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Liam Payne has admitted that he and his bandmates feel they have to do their bit for charity and good causes, because of their worldwide fame.

Over the past few years the X Factor stars have released a single for British charity Comic Relief, as well as getting involved in fundraising activities for organisations such as TrekStock and anti bullying groups, to name a few.

Liam thinks it’s all a very important part of their job and he’s keen to ‘give back’ and in a new interview he said:

“We have come under the same grain as role models, we don’t like to think of ourselves as that but we kind of have to be, it’s a responsibility.”

Payne added:

“It’s quite nice to have that sort of power and to be able to help. Me and Harry recently did that thing with Trekstock, which is nice to be able to spread the word and raise a lot of money for charities and try to help out about. We’ve got to give back in these sort of circumstances.”

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The boys were then asked about any words of wisdom or advice that have stood out for them over the past few years. Obviously not many people have made an impact on the band, because only Zayn remembered something that resonated with him. He explained:

“Somebody did say something to me which was quite wise I thought. Somebody said ‘the key to being successful in this business is when you stop searching for anonymity and start searching for simplicity. I thought that was quite a wise thing to say.”

Louis Tomlinson clearly found it hard to take his pal seriously and teased:

“Get it on a t shirt Zayn!”

In the same interview Zayn found it necessary to defend his relationship with Perrie Edwards after a reporter insinuated that he was too busy and travelled too much to maintain an engagement with the Little Mix star.

The pair got engaged last month, after Malik asked permission from his parents and her mum and despite all the doubt, he insisted:

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“I see her a lot and that’s obviously privately between me and her.”

The ‘Kiss You’ singer added:

“Yeah we just got engaged and I’m really happy…. that’s about as much as I have to say about that.”

Louis also took the opportunity to explain Eleanor Calder’s absence from This Is Us.

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He insisted that his girlfriend of two years was not cut from the film, but rather just happened to be absent when the cameras were around. A likely story!

Tommo told reporters:

“As far as our girlfriends being edited out, that is not true. When we have our free time… when we had a week at home … the cameras wouldn’t be with us then.”

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