One Direction: LISTEN to how intelligent Niall Horan has become! Liam Payne & Harry Styles not so much!

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OK, so we don’t know if it is just the glasses or if Niall Horan has always been a bit of a brain box but we have to admit, we have been seriously impressed by the One Direction star this week.

Nialler always makes a big deal out of the fact that he left school at 16 years old, so doesn’t have many of the same qualifications that lads his age have built up but from listening to a recent interview that he did in Auckland, we’re not sure he needs them.

The Irish star shot to fame when he was still in the middle of his teenage years and has spent all his time since the middle of 2010 in a One Direction shaped bubble, however it sounds like he’s been keeping up with his current affairs and keeping a finger on the pulse of real life outside his showbiz circles.

In a recent interview the 1D hunk and some of his bandmates were asked what they would do if they could become mayor of Auckland for a while.

liam payne, harry styles, niall horan

The interviewer admitted herself she was expecting answers like ‘I’d install a water slide down the main highway’ but Nialler had some serious answers and said:

“I think we should start spending money. As natural resources go I think New Zealand is pretty good, I think we should start using money from our natural resources to up our transport system and also I think we could add a few more people to classes in school and maybe raise the wages for teachers.”

How vey deep!

Liam Payne wasn’t quite as realistic with his answer and said:

“We should build another bridge. We should build a high speed bridge to England from here.”

It’s not going to happen Payneo!

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Niall was on a roll though and taking into consideration the very obvious pregnancy of his interviewer, he proved that he would be an effective politician and chose a topic close to her heart, adding:

“Also I think we should get a new maternity wing at the hospital, because we’ve got a baby coming”

Harry Styles hadn’t got much to add in way of suggestions but he was clearly impressed by his pal and put it all down to Horan’s new spectacle. Styles said:

“It’s the glasses, when he gets some glasses he’s like….”

Amazing, intelligent, coherent, insightful? Finish that sentence Harry!

Niall and his bandmates have left New Zealand this week and returned to Melbourne and very soon they will be wrapping up the final leg of their Take Me Home tour.

Horan sounds glad to be back in Australia, in the bosom of his cousins and Irish family (who relocated to Melbourne a few years ago) and he tweeted last night saying:

“Morning melbourne ! How are ya , ya se”

The boys will be performing once more this evening and he added:

“Ya ready for tonight?”

What do you think of Niall’s political plans? Watch the video and leave your comments below….

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