One Direction: Louis Tomlinson & Eleanor Calder, Liam Payne & Danielle Peazer spotted at V festival but where are Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards?

One Direction are making the most of the gorgeous summer weather today, or some of them are at least.

The X Factor stars were all spotted hanging out at V Festival with their nearest and dearest, well all of them except for Zayn Malik.

Liam Payne and Danielle Peazer were pictured enjoying the sunshine, enjoying bands such as The Killers and Snow Patrol as they kicked back and spent time with their pals.

Louis Tomlinson and his girlfriend Eleanor Calder were also photographed, walking hand in hand and looking totally chilled out. It was reported that they were all on the VIP guest list and got the red carpet treatment all day.

Niall Horan was at the event with some of his friends from home and Harry Styles was hanging out with a crowd at another part of the venue, however it seems that Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards were avoiding the cameras unlike his bandmates.

We’re not sure where Zayn was, but it seems his Little Mix girlfriend was busy working and was in rehearsals for a performance in London this evening.

Little Mix tweeted:

‘Off to rehearsals for G.A.Y tonight, so excited!!! :D’

Danielle was clearly excited about heading out with her handsome boyfriend though and tweeted this morning:

‘Today is going to be a good day 👍☀🎶’

Awww she’s properly in love!

Are you loving the new pictures of the loved up couples? Are you sad that Zayn and Perrie stayed hidden away again? Leave your comments below…

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10 Responses to “One Direction: Louis Tomlinson & Eleanor Calder, Liam Payne & Danielle Peazer spotted at V festival but where are Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards?”

  1. lucinda p says:

    oh please!!!!!!!!! who cares. am i the only one who notices that they are always out there in front of the cameras. something does not look or feel real about the two of barely see or never see liam with his girlfriend or zayn and his girlfriend. i dont even know who perrie is. i dont know, to me there is something staged about the whole thing.

    • Tash says:

      Da fuq are you on?
      Liam and danielle aren’t staged, they’ve been together for ages. And do you really think that they’re gonna avoid going out because of people taking pictures of them? They know it’s gonna happen and obviously don’t wanna let it stop them having a good time.
      And Perrie is in a band called Little Mix. Even if you don’t listen to their music you should at least know who they are.
      Are you seriously so jealous of them that you have to suggest that its all fake?
      Can’t you just let them live their lives?
      Seriously, if this were you how the hell would you feel reading your comment?
      Maybe think about that before you post stuff

    • Gabriela says:

      She is not talking about Payzer or Zerrie being staged, but about Elounor. Read it again…

    • angelina says:

      yea that is so true! i have nothin against louis and elenour but your right it does kinda feel staged

  2. Zoey says:

    Harry did not go to V yesterday; he was at Hampstead heath picnicking with friends. Niall did not go to V; he was at the Derby match with friends. Do you not bother doing any research before you publish?

  3. Corrie says:

    Awww Too cute.

  4. LouisHarryLiamZaynNiall 1D says:

    Awwww! They really do look loved up! Love u guys and all the girlfriends are really pretty! XXXXXXXX :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  5. MixerTonighterDirectioner says:

    They’re both such cute couples! Tbh I think maybe Zayn went to watch Perrie

  6. lucinda p says:

    yes i was talking about louis and eleanor. just looks staged to me. if you go to the begining, see how louis and harry act together BODY LANGUAGE PEOPLE..The way they look at each other and touch .Also if you watch the capital fm interveiw with one direction, he said he was single, i thought louis started dating her in october.that is why i feel something is not right,unless somebody can tell me when they started dating,becos she came out of nowhere

  7. Selena says:

    Some ppl just don’t understand them and Perrie loves Zayn but she is just too busy read Perries twits in twitter if u have one