One Direction: Louis Tomlinson flips the bird at fans who insult Eleanor Calder!

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Louis Tomlinson was not a happy bunny when he went shopping in Montreal this week.

The One Direction star engaged in a bit of retail therapy with his long term girlfriend Eleanor Calder and the pair were pictured strolling around the city together looking pretty darned loved up, as they clung to each other’s hands and sipped on their cold Starbucks beverages.

However, Lou Lou looked slightly less happy in this picture, when he flipped off a group of fans waiting as he and Eleanor got into their waiting car.

It’s been reported that a crowd of fans gathered to watch the hunk and his girlfriend but, as usual, some of them were less than complimentary towards the pretty student on his arm and he seemingly took great offence.

louis eleanor

Some Twitter users have claimed that while Louis was happy to greet many Directioners during his day out, he was upset with one in particular who was shouting ‘beard’ at Calder, insinuating that she is not his real girlfriend and that he is in fact gay.

Nothing has been confirmed as yet, but of course it won’t have been the first time that Tommo has heard the claims.

Ever since One Direction formed rumours have surrounded his love life, with many fans adamantly insisting that he is gay and in love with his bandmate Harry Styles.

He hit out at the claims last year in an interview with Now magazine saying:

Talking to Now magazine he claimed: “A lot of them are so wrapped up in the conspiracy.

“Let me tell you now, they’ll find a way to put some twist on this interview.”

louis tomlinson eleanor calder

He added: “I think it’s pretty obvious when you see me and Eleanor together that it’s real.

“Think of the amount of time I spend with her. It’s crazy that I even have to say it’s genuine.”

What do you think of it all Directioners? We really want to hear your thoughts in the comments section below…..

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28 Responses to “One Direction: Louis Tomlinson flips the bird at fans who insult Eleanor Calder!”

  1. Amanda says:

    Honestly, These directioners need to stop with the insults. There in love and they cant seem to notice obviously. I think that some directioners need to lay back and let Eleanor be! Louis is NOY gay!

  2. XFF says:

    Surely nobody really buys into the ludicrous idea that Louis and Harry are an item? I can only assume that either a) they are just trying to antagonise the boys, or b) it’s another manifestation of their jealousy of their girlfriends. Although it must be incredibly frustrating, Louis needs to do a better job of masking the fact that they are getting to him, then perhaps they will stop.

    • whatever says:

      I completely agree with you. Louis seems to loose his cool too easely. It’s not something someone with his status can afford and I think he knows it too! He should do something about it fast because people are noticing his missteps.

  3. Julia says:

    There’s a video and and no one said anything about Eleanor he was pissed cause he was being mobbed while he was shopping with his girlfriend but people always look for someone else to blame when the truth is he doesn’t like having fans around all the freaking time

    • whatever says:

      If Louis flipped off fans because they were mobbing him, I am even more disapointed. If it was because some immature fans had insulted Eleanor, I can understand it better (even though I don’t excuse it, this gesture is very rude, and he should know better!).
      He is a role model, whether he likes it or not… Between insulting a TW song at soundcheck in a completely immature way, giving the fingers to fans, he is loosing his cool far too often lately. He needs to take up a sport of some kind to work out his agressivity and not express it this way! His job has huuuuuge perks, but some bas aspects that are not about to go away: he needs to learn to deal with them in a better fashion.

  4. Linda says:

    Everyone is entitled to have an off day. XFF your right, Louis needs to shake it off. If someone insulted me I’d be glad if my boyfriend reacted to it. However when someone like the 1D lads that are so famous they can’t fart without someone trashing them.

  5. Cleo says:

    Not everything is about the fans insulting Eleanor. None of us know why he was really upset and we can’t believe everything the media says!

    • Paula says:

      Actually I was there, a girl called Eleanor a beard, then Louis kissed Eleanor in the car and a girl yelled “Louis why are you kissing your fake girlfriends!?” Lets just say he got pissed.

  6. Harry Styles REAL says:

    Okay soooooo here’s the truth….. I do like Louis but we’re only mates. He’s my best mate. I set up El and Lou. They’re EXTREMELY happy together and she’s pretty and nice. Please STOP with all the bad comments about Eleanor Calder.

    • yoodle says:

      nice try man, but we all know you’re not actually Harry Styles. btw thats impersonation

  7. jamjo says:

    sorry but Louis is pi##ing me off these days. I heard the video coverage from that and nobody was calling eleanor a beard they mobbed the taxi he was in and chanted his name.. Why I don’t know but anyways..It’s irrelevant if she is a beard or not this guy is raking in millions of dollars for mediocre talent. He gets on a stage that some people have spent 600 or whatever dollars for their tickets and looks miserable and he doesn’t want to be there.. When they take a break I am hoping Harry stretches his horizons because soon enough this guy louis is going to drag them down.. he acts all homophobic half the time and I am from montreal and guess what..I don’t think there is another gay loving city anywhere..He should skip out on Montreal shows from now on go shopping with Eleanor or something somewhere else..

  8. Cherokee says:

    He is not a gay! Louis and Harry are best friends! If that’s not normal in your place, let me tell you this… They can both act lovey-dovey but in real life they are BEST friends. If you haven’t seen that from other people which are real boys you are soooo ignorant in this world. I have seen a lot of boys playing bromances in front of me and it was fun to watch. but gosh! you’re stupid if you take those seriously! Let’s just say, they’re doing that for fun or comedy or they just wanna make other people laugh or go like “awwww”!! But, dang it! Calling Eleanor a fake girlfriend? Pffft! Those who said that are just jealous that they don’t have a sweet boyfriend like she does. I may not know her, but if she makes someone happy she’s a great person. Despite of those saying rude things about her, she stayed with Louis. And by the way, THEY CAN GO SHOPPING ANYWHERE THEY WANT! THEIR NOT ALIENS TO BE BANNED IN A PLACE! XP

    (I’m not defending El because i’m a Directioner, i’m saying this coz all those stupid things said by others are definitely unforgivable. If you were on either Louis, Harry or El’s place. What would you react? Think about it!)

  9. Georgie says:

    Ok yea everybody stop the hate Eleanor is not a beard Louis is not gay . Louis and Eleanor are happy in love so they should stop making stuff up that is not true and I am talking about the fans

  10. Danica says:

    I agree that we can’t believe everything the media says. But leave them be! All you haters are just jealous and being a nuisance. I think Lou and El make a cute couple, and everyone should just leave them be. You call yourselves “Directioners”, insult El and piss off Louis, and get mad when HE insults YOU. Grow the f*** up people!

  11. andrea says:

    Louis and El are happy together so stop being rude to them. Iiam said in an interview that he had a hard time being in a relationship w/ danielle bc the fans are being rude to her and now they broke up so the rude fans want to happen that to el and louis? Omg stop calling yourself directioners if you want to p*ssed the lads

  12. anon says:

    El is a beard and her contract ends on the 8th July that’s why she is in Canada with them so her and Louis can stage a break up

  13. Directioner says:

    It’s really annoying how people call her a beard cause he isn’t. She has done NOTHING wrong at all. It’s wrong how they treat her and also talk shit about Elounor!

    • yo says:

      just saying “beard” is not an insult, it’s a job. There’s nothing wrong with being a beard save the fact that in this world there is need for beards.

  14. Juliette says:

    His mom tweeted that he was doing it to some men with the cameras not the fans… But I think it’s clear that no matter what happens in this fandom people will always blam Larry shippers.. If you watch the damm video no one said anything to Eleanor!!!

  15. Elliε says:

    I think this has all gone too far!! Louis and Eleanor are clearly trying to have a happy, loving relationship.
    But Elounor won’t work out if all you people that call yourself a ‘Directioner’ keep hating etc.
    Just get on with your life and stay out of Lou’s and El’s!
    P.s. I’m not supporting Eleanor here because personally I’m not a big fan of her but I’m happy if Louis’ happy.
    Crу мε α rινεr, вυιld α вrιdgε αηd gεт оνεr ιт!!

  16. Tara says:

    This fame has gone to his head! He has young fans and what kind I example is that to them? He could have handled tht in a much mature way! All of one direction are turning into these hard core tattoo boys and its pissing me off!! What happened to the nice gentlemen from England/Ireland? They think their fame will last forever but directioners are having enough! With drama in the fandom and drama with these boys showing immature sides! I have had enough with this boy band! I hope Liam gets away from it because he lost a very special girl because of it!

  17. jamjo says:

    As a montrealer I love this city and am very proud of the friendly culture that we have..Just keep crap like him and his bearded girlfriend out..send them shopping somewhere..It’s not as if 1D cannot make it without him..He is doing nothing but looking miserable and wishing he was somewhere else and at the price I am paying for a ticket smile at us..maybe he should take lessons from Harry and Liam and Niall but no instead he’ll continue to get rich riding Harry’s coattail..I will no longer buy tickets to see them as a band I will wait for Harry to go solo which he is..

    • wellum says:

      listen, if you don’t like Louis, then its not in my place to try to change that. However, why post this on the internet? Does it make you feel better, hating on people? Because if I had to guess, I would say it doesn’t make you feel better. All it does is hurt people’s feelings. Also, to hate on someone is one thing, but it is another thing to make false claims. For example, that One Direction would do just as well without Louis? And that Harry is leaving and going solo? These have been not been proven right nor wrong, therefore it is not right to post it as a fact. It is straight up lying.

  18. lol says:


    • jamjo says:

      He and his mommy are LIARS..nothing like this happened..To avoid any future problems he should stay out of montreal because next time he’ll know what an insult is..They won’t be chanting their love for him he’ll know hate..

  19. Kayleigh says:

    I’m so tried of the insults to Eleanor! She did nothing wrong! I’m happy with what Louis did to the fans that insulted Eleanor they deserve it! I’m so mad at some of the fandom right now! Half of the fandom is amazing they never trash talk the girlfriends and on the other hand the other half can’t ever shut up they insult Eleanor all the time! I wish every fan could just support the boys! Louis looks pretty darn happy with Eleanor so if you are a true fan then you should be happy if Louis is happy!

  20. LMF says:

    You haters are all a bunch of a-holes and are an embarrassment to Canada. Quite frankly put, flipping the bird was tame compared to what he could have done. I don’t understand how you guys can just say he should have done nothing. He’s human in case anyone forgot… If the same things were shouted at me, my husband would have gone ballistic. Was the gesture rude? Maybe, but whatever was shouted at them was so much ruder. But then it’s so easy to forget the antagonist isn’t it. I say good on you, Louis!

    Let him lead the life he wants to lead, and keep hate out of it. It’s not like you know him personally. Get over yourselves.

    And the next time the Habs win, do not riot or burn down your city – if you are so proud of it.

  21. Jessica Marie says:

    I think that louis and Eleanor deserve nothing but the best! they find it hard enough being in a relationship where you have to be apart from each other from time to time let alone all these nasty comments towards them both!
    All the fans that give Eleanor hate are quite obviously jealous of her!? I mean she’s beautiful and is dating louis Tomlinson! at the end of the day louis and el are very loved up and that easy to see. I have supported el and louis since the start and I will continue to! louis is very protective of Eleanor and I think that if you can’t see that their relationship isn’t real then your a true fan and your blind and you need to keep your stupid opinion to yourself. I LOVE YOU GUYS!! And millions of more fans will continue to support you both :)