One Direction management set up Harry Styles & Taylor Swift romance?

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There have been a LOT of claims made about the love lives of the One Direction boys this morning and quite frankly, we don’t quite know what to believe.

Louisa Jepson has written a new autobiography about 1D hunk Harry Styles and in it claimed that he once shared a bed with his friend’s mum, adding that the group’s management actively encouraged him to date older women, suspecting that there would be less ‘fall out’ when the romance ended.

More shockingly, the author also claimed that One Direction’s management set up Haz’s recent romance with US star Taylor Swift, just so the band could benefit from increased publicity.

The pair dated for just over a month, from December 2012 until mid January and were spotted in new York, on a romantic holiday in The Lake District, skiing in Utah and lastly relaxing in the Caribbean, where they apparently had a huge row and broke up.

taylor swift, harry styles

Tay Tay brought their so called romance into the spotlight again earlier this month, when she mocked Haz during a performance at The Grammy Awards but Louisa claims the whole thing was a fauxmance, masterminded by the X Factor star’s team.

Swifty was already well known as a serial dater and had relationships with a list stars Taylor Lautner, John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal behind her. This made her the perfect 1D lady apparently and Louisa says sources claim the relationship was set up.

taylor swift harry styles

She says Harry’s handlers “went to great lengths to put the two ­together because she’s such a huge star”.

Jepson added:

“Anytime Taylor starts dating a new guy she gets a flurry of media attention, and her break-ups receive even more.”

If this is the case, it would explain the lack of animosity between the pair, as after watching Taylor perform at The Brits this week, Harry praised her telling the Mail Online:

“I thought her performance was really good, she looked great.”

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Swifty has already moved on too and was spotted out on a date with Brit winner Tom Odell on Thursday night in one of Haz’s favourite London haunts.

What do you make of it all Directioners? Do you think Haylor could have been faked? Leave your comments below….

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11 Responses to “One Direction management set up Harry Styles & Taylor Swift romance?”

  1. Jessie says:

    Its funny that you make this now! From day one every one of us have said its faked and staged! Managements doing for more Publicity and a cover up! That’s all ALL of it has ever been! Focus more on their eyes than their mouth and you’ll get the real story of what’s going on!!

  2. Kimmy says:

    I thought it was pretty obvious Haylor was fake. Harry didn’t seem into her at all.

  3. Limericks says:

    Anyone with half a brain could tell you that the whole Haylor thing was fake. He seemed very uncomfortable with her. They might have held hands because for some reason amongst young people nowadadys that is the definite sign of dating, but he was always leaning away from her. Anyone with half a brain can also tell you that the whole dating older women womanizer image thing is also fake. Caroline Flack was a shomance that only really happened in the media. It brought publicity to her and 1D when their first album was coming out and when she had just started as the Xtra factor host. That’s why she can say now that 95% of the stuff about them was made up. They are friends who run in the same circles and the publicity helped both of their careers.

  4. Gee says:

    He may have known his “people” set the whole thing up, but I wonder if she knew what was going on? If not, it would explain her hatred toward him now. Hmmm!!

  5. Lisa says:

    I this is true and Taylor wasn’t in on it, then I’m sorry for the negative things I’ve commented about her on this relationship.

  6. Ling says:

    Heard that Taylor was in on it but very angry that Harry did not want to play along.

  7. XFF says:

    Blimey and I thought I was cynical! I know some Directioners love a good conspiracy theory, and I’m not discounting the possibility that it could be true, but why would Taylor Swift or 1D need to do anything for publicity when they’re both huge at the moment? Harry has always struck me as quite a genuine person and quite mature for his age, so I wouldn’t have thought he’d be that easy to manipulate, but perhaps as the media report that he’s with a different woman every other day he thought a fauxmance with Taylor wouldn’t harm his reputation. If Directioners do believe that their love lives are masterminded by their management, does that affect how you feel about the boys?

  8. Kat says:

    Why believe everything the media says. They know no more than any of us. These so called sources are just rumours and who cares. Either one of them is usually linked to whoever stands within a five metre radius and that won’t change.

  9. Katlyn says:

    Imagine if Harry and Taylor DID get back together… (World War III) :)

  10. Eleanor c. says:

    Now that ive read this, i totally think this is so fake.

  11. Ireland says:

    If it was seriously faked imma be soo happy ! They were soo ugly together !! Not hatin but she’s a hoe sorry not sorry