One Direction: Niall Horan to have surgery on his knee next week! He’ll be in hospital for 10 days!

One Direction: Niall Horan to have surgery on his knee next week! He’ll be in hospital for 10 days!

Niall Horan

It’s been reported today that One Direction singer Niall Horan is to undergo surgery next week on his knee.

He’ll jet to the States for the operation, and it’s expected that he’ll stay in an exclusive clinic for ten days.

A source close to 1D said, “Niall has battled this problem since he was a child. His knee dislocates and it is very uncomfortable.”

To The Sun’s TV Biz, the insider added, “He’s had physio sessions for years but the pain persists so surgery is the best solution to have him fully fit and ready for the demands of a long tour.”

Last year, Niall spent weeks on crutches because of his knee, and at the time, he joked that a squirrel attack had damaged his leg.

niall horan

But of the surgery, the paper adds, “He is in good hands for the surgery. SIMON COWELL’s record label Syco is to foot the bill for all travel and medical costs.”

Niall however has made no mention of the surgery on Twitter, and instead posted a cheery message to his fans last night which read, “Sup peoples ? Havin a good Christmas/new year break?”

He certainly seems to be enjoying his time off at home in Mullingar, and Twitter has been inundated with pictures of him out and about in the town, and in one or two, he looks slightly worse for wear!

niall horan

But who can blame him for letting his hair down a bit? Quite aside from the hectic year he’s had, for a while there, it looked like he might not make it home for Christmas due to the bad weather and cancelled flights, so the sheer relief of getting to Mullingar in time for the festivities probably made the holiday that bit more special for him.

Here’s a look at a recent interview with everyone’s favourite Irish lad…

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35 Responses to “One Direction: Niall Horan to have surgery on his knee next week! He’ll be in hospital for 10 days!”

  1. alyssa says:

    Aww poor Nialler ):

  2. Laurahoney A P says:

    Get well soon, Niall :( :'(

  3. Sian says:

    Omg Niall i hope hes ok and the,surgery goes well.😞

  4. Shornamae says:

    Oh Niall I hope everything is okay and you undergo the surgery and recover quickly without pain!!! Love you BABE and just PRAY and everything will be fine! :(

  5. Katie says:

    awwwwww get better soon Niall love you lots xxxxxxx

  6. greek directioner says:

    Good Luck! :-)

  7. Alice Brown says:

    Not poor niall
    that my boyfriend will recover

  8. Joana says:

    OMG…Niall,we need you…you are STRONG,I know that,you know that,we all know that and THE WORLD KNOWS THAT so…please,get better because I love you <3 Kisses from the directioner that loves you :p

  9. Ada says:

    Recover soon Niall. Hope you`ll be able to come and visit Poland soon… We need you !!! :-) <3

  10. maria sstylinson says:

    Get welll niall we alll love u hope u get wellll hope surgery goes on great Love u lotssssss nialler <33333 !!!:*

  11. Makayla walker says:

    Your the best one in the band. Hope you get well soon love you

  12. Makayla walker says:

    Your the best one in the band, hope u get well soon love u so much xoxo

  13. Señora Horan says:

    Niall :'( dskdajdkldas noo :'( omg :'( espero se recupere ♥ mi duende :'(

  14. linds horan pride says:

    So sad :(

  15. NiallHoransrealwife says:

    Poor boy get better soon we need you to be up and about fothe stadium tour. take it easy pal.

  16. person who likes 1d says:

    Dont worry my sister eent through the same surgery she says in no time u will be ok

  17. kaylah says:

    Niall I love u and good luck on dur surgery I hope to talk to u soon
    <3 lots of love —-kaylah

  18. Amy Moxon says:

    Get well soon niall love ya xx

  19. Sarah says:

    Awe I and my sister had to get knee surgery a little while back and we recovered fairly quickly hopefully it is the same from Niall….Get well soon Nialler♡

  20. Victoria Goodwin says:

    Get well soon!!!!! :-( :-(

  21. Courtney Metcalfe says:

    Niall im like your biggest fan no matter wat anyone says and im coming watching u on the 1th june I hope u get better by then cause your my favourite out of the bad love u niall hopefully your operation will succeed and u will be fine get better soon xxxxx

  22. Courtney Horan says:

    Niall your just perfect also u were born September 13th so was I im so lucky to be sharing ARE birthday with u amazing that is wat u r xxxxxxxxx

  23. sandra beattie says:

    Here’s praying you have a safe and fast recovery. <3

  24. Alyssa Stowe says:

    Awww poor niall hope he feels better soon. Luv u niall. ♥♥♥

  25. Megan says:

    Get well soon Niall hope you get a lot beater then you where

  26. Megan says:

    Ps love you so much I’m your biggest fan in the hole world love you Gaye’s especially you Niall get well soon. Hope your knee gets beater soon love
    Love you so much

  27. mrs.horan says:

    Hope you get better niall i love you!

  28. Lottieloves1d says:

    Aw poor boy be my boyfriend 🎀❤️💔so sadx

  29. martha says:

    Hope you get better soon love you lots hope the surgeries well love you lots and lots and lots niallxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  30. martha says:

    Love u lots

  31. martha says:

    And lots and lots

  32. martha says:

    Is Larry stylinson real?????????????????

  33. Ms.hailey,horan says:

    My poor baby 😭😢 plz get better

  34. Justice Penn says:

    I hope u fill better NIALL <3<3<3<3

  35. Justice Penn says: