One Direction, Olly Murs, Cher Llloyd, James Arthur & Leona Lewis most popular X Factor stars?

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Shazam, a well known media engagement company, today listed the top ten UK X-Factor artists that have been Shazam’d the most. The show’s runners-up have captured the attention of music fans around the world as winners have taken less than half of the slots globally and in the UK.

Since their debut in 2010, One Direction (3rd place finalist) has gone on to take the world by storm, while Olly Murs (2009, 2nd place finalist) has maintained his position in the UK charts while breaking into the US with his Maroon-5-like vocals.

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Cher Lloyd (2010, 4th place finalist) is feeling the love in the United States –although it’s interesting she is not in the top ten X-Factor Artists in terms of Shazam tags in the UK – while Rebecca Ferguson (2010, 2nd place finalist) has seen a lot of tags driven by popularity in Italy.

Last series’ winner, James Arthur, has released only one single, but it has done extremely well, receiving lots of airplay in Europe and Australia.

Winner of the 2006 X-Factor, Leona Lewis, saw her break-out global smash, “Bleeding Love” released in 2007 – before Shazam’s release on the App Store – went on to receive three Grammy nominations and four BRIT nominations.

Shazam tag charts provide reliable data that lets the industry see which acts and tracks are popular with consumers. For a complete list of charts including the US, UK and world charts, visit the blog.

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