One Direction’s Harry Styles still ‘in love’ with Taylor Swift & they’re meeting up!

taylor swift, harry styles

Harry Styles is reportedly still very much in love with ex girlfriend Taylor Swift.

The One Direction singer reportedly split from the American singer earlier this month, after they got into an argument during a romantic holiday in the Caribbean. Many reasons have been cited for the breakup, with some insiders claiming it’s because the blonde beauty wouldn’t put out and other’s claiming Haz found her too boring.

However, new sources have insisted that the decision to split had nothing to do with the young hunk and that he is really heartbroken over the separation.

Tay Tay seems to be having second thoughts too and it’s been claimed that the pair are just taking some time apart, but will meet again and may get back together. A source told the Daily Star that Haylor are “very much in love with each other.”

harry styles, taylor swift

Another source told heat magazine:

‘They won’t let each other go that easily. They’re waiting for the dust to settle after their row made front-page news. But this is not the last you’ve seen of their romance.

They continued:

‘They miss each other now that they’re apart, they’ve been in contact since the day Taylor left Harry in the Caribbean. [They] are planning to meet up in the next couple of weeks.’

‘They are both pretty serious about each other, this is just a blip.’


There will be a lot of jealous Directioners out there who aren’t too pleased with this news, as Taylor doesn’t seem to be too popular with you One Direction supporters.

Styles certainly has a huge following too, and last night he tipped the ten million follower mark on Twitter, which is no mean feat.

His fans may not like her, but Harry’s good friend Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw thinks that the ‘Little Things’ hit maker may have found the one in Taylor.

Nick told The Mirror: ‘Harry really likes Taylor, he’s fallen for her in a big way.

‘At first I wasn’t sure if the relationship was a real one but I talk to him a lot and it seems to be that she’s the one – for now, anyway.’

Check out Haz and Grimmers in his new Radio 1 video and leave your thoughts and comments on a Haylor reunion below….

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6 Responses to “One Direction’s Harry Styles still ‘in love’ with Taylor Swift & they’re meeting up!”

  1. Robertha says:

    Eu não gostei da notticia.. quer dizer primeiro ele fica falando que ela era mutio entediante e etc., e agora ele tem a cara de pau de dizer que ainda é totalmente apaixonado…(?)… eu acho que ele é meio bipolar ou totalmente confuzo e ‘pau mandado’… ele devia ser ele mesmo afinal foi por isso que eles conseguiram tantas fãs pelo mundo e o amor total delas…

  2. molly graff says:

    harry is much better off without taylor. she will probably have a new album out all about harry.

  3. Chris says:

    Since Haylor split, I saw Harry more smiling and joined the guys, and I think many more directioners see what I see. Don’t you?

    • crisbell says:

      I agree Harry has been smiling more often and if he gets back with Taylor I won’t mind but i won’t like it as well.

  4. abby says:

    omg i love them getting back together i am a total directioner andi love them all SO MUCH and if harry is happy i’m happy

  5. Spn4evr96 says:

    Heartbroken?????? He seemss wayyyyy happy now than when he was with Taylor