One Direction’s Liam Payne snubbed by a cab driver as Danielle Peazer gives Loki a Batman makeover!

liam payne

Liam Payne is really making the most of his week off from touring and has spent the last few days catching up with his friends and family and laying low.

However, yesterday the One Direction star joined his pal Andy at a football match and apparently the pair had more fun than they bargained for. The lads caught a cab to watch Brazil playing Russia at Stamford Bridge football stadium but it seems the taxi driver wasn’t a big 1D fan.

Andy revealed on Twitter that when Liam’s hit single ‘One Way Or Another’ came on the radio, the cabbie couldn’t turn it off quickly enough. He tweeted:

“In a taxi with @Real_Liam_Payne then one way or another came on, after about 30 seconds the taxi man changed station. Laughing to bad lol”

He later added:

liam payne puppy

“Never laughed so much in my entire life, my chest hurts and I thought I was having a heart attack.. It was mad!”

Meanwhile, as Liam was doing boy things it turns out that his girlfriend Danielle Peazer was having a bit of a makeover session with their new dog Loki back at home.

The brunette beauty uploaded a picture of their little husky pup dressed as Batman to her Instagram account yesterday and fans have been raving about the cute shot overnight. One posted:


“Look at Loki’s batman outfit omfg my heart is melting ”

Another said:

“Loki dressed as batman! ❤
Its the cutest thing!.❤”

A third tweeted:

“Loki is just so Damn cute In his Batman Outfit :’D ”

Watch a video of Liam and his pals at the footie, as uploaded by Andy last night and leave your comments below….

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