Has One Direction’s Liam Payne split from girlfriend Sophia Smith?

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Liam Payne hit the headlines over the summer when he confirmed he had a new girlfriend, however some fans now believe the pair have already split.

The One Direction star has been dating Sophia Smith from July of this year and the brunette beauty joined 1D in America for the last of their US tour over the summer, also accompanying her boyfriend to his ‘This Is Us’ movie premiere in London in August.

Sophia was there when Andy Samuels was injured in a gas explosion at Liam’s flat in September too and rushed to hospital with the pair as Payne’s best friend was treated for serious burns to his face and body.

However, some fans have claimed that the romance is no more and a number of Twitter users claim that the split was confirmed on E! News last week.

One Direction: Was Liam Payne’s #nottrue message referring to Sophia Smith cheating & breakup?

Those that believe the rumours seem delighted that their boy may be single again and one tweeted:


Another posted:

“Liam and Sophia broke up.

Never been so happy! Sorry Sophia, but you are not the right person for Liam #js”

Other tweets included:

“dont wanna sound mean but im so happy that liam and sophia finally broke up, hope liam is doing great he deserves the best”

“tbh I’m actually happy that Liam and Sophia broke up, he just didn’t seem so happy when he was with her”

“I’m pretty sure everyone in the fandom is happy that Liam and Sophia broke up”

Of course none of this has been confirmed yet and the test will be when Liam returns to the UK next week. If he is reunited with Sophia Smith in London, then we’ll know that it was all nothing more than a lot of hopeful speculation on behalf of Directioners around the world, if not, then perhaps Payzer can have a reunion?

Is that just wishful thinking on our part? Leave your comments below….

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9 Responses to “Has One Direction’s Liam Payne split from girlfriend Sophia Smith?”

  1. Kristy says:

    I hope all that’s true… Sorry, but Sophia is not right for Liam… She cheated on him on his birthday with God knows who… Liam deserves the best!

  2. taylor says:

    Payzer forever

  3. Hannah says:

    sophias graet and all but not 4 liam. payzer 4eva

  4. kenzie says:

    No offense but I’m hoping its true I just really ship Payzer

  5. Alyssa says:

    oh em gee! Liam and Sophia just need to be over, I hope they are. She isn’t right for him, and they don’t seem very happy. Payzer 5ever <3

  6. Directioner says:

    That’s not true, the girl Liam asked out 22 times was Emily (how ironic). Ruth confirmed this on twitter.

  7. Nia says:

    nawww that’s so sweet Arianna :)
    When I marry Harry YOU can be a bridesmaid ;P
    (he blew me a kiss at the concert a couple of weeks ago…so it’s only a matter of time!)

  8. Tequila King says:

    I am going to be honest of course I was upset when I found out erethat Liam and Sophia were together I was also happy when I found out that they might be over, but if she makes him happy then why should anyone get in there way. All I want is for him to be happy.!

  9. Diana says:

    I’ve heard so much bad things about Sophia. Liam deserves best and Sophia isnt it. I want him to be happy. I’m really hoping that they did break up. I love Liam to death and he needs to be happy.