One Direction’s Niall Horan gets close to Laura Whitmore as Zoe Whelan gets angry!

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Niall Horan has been spending some time with his pals over the weekend, as he prepares to hit Europe with his One Direction bandmates and it seems that he’s getting ever closer to the gorgeous Laura Whitmore before his departure.

Only last week the 1D hunk posted pictures online of himself and a pal wearing the MTV presenter’s underwear on their heads and yesterday he and Laura hung out in Camden as he enjoyed a rare day off.

The ‘Kiss You’ hitmaker joined the blonde beauty and some other pals at The Lock Tavern in North London and the party moved to one of their homes later, where they enjoyed some late night karaoke.

Niall tweeted:

“We are wrecking karaoke1 #L.I.C ! Whitmore is on fire,” he tweeted at 10.30 last night.

Laura replied:

“Because i’m sweating in this sweat box! ”

niall laura

Niall also shared a picture of himself and Whitmore wearing each other’s sunglasses with the caption:

“Last week I wore her underwear on my head, this week we swap sunglasses ! #hashtag”

Meanwhile, it seems that Irish model Zoe Whelan is less than happy this week and she’s been defending herself on Twitter once more.

The brunette beauty was linked to Nialler earlier this month, after it as reported that they had hooked up at a 1D gig in Manchester in March.

zoe whelan

However, she tweeted yesterday that she wouldn’t be answering any more questions about her reported affair with the star and told followers:

“I’m not answerin any questions about Niall and I If you think we’re datin that’s nice If you don’t then alright cool It’s my PRIVATE life.”

She added:

“keeping my private life private no ones business but my own.x”

She hit out at haters writing:

“You look all you want. Doubt you’ll ever get to me. You’re tweets don’t scare me. But If your parents knew what you said..”

“You may not think I’m on but I am ALWAYS on Reading everything you say to me Good And bad 😏”

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10 Responses to “One Direction’s Niall Horan gets close to Laura Whitmore as Zoe Whelan gets angry!”

  1. Destiny says:

    I think Niall can do way better then Laura or Zoe . There just using him ! I know Niall would’ve been with a prettier healthier Looking girls !!!! He deserve way better than drama with Zoe !! Niall hopefully your reading this . Just have fun and be young and don’t deal with relationships like that!!!! Love You Niall . Hope you make a right decision !!!!

    • Uriel Park says:

      wow are you stupid or are you stupid. Laura’s his best lady friend and theyve known each other for a long time. She would never use her and since theyre bffs, never date her. As for Zoe, shes just someone Niall met. I dont think theres really a deep connection between them at all theyre all just friends that wanna have fun. Besides, Niall isnt into really perfect girls like them he likes his girls to have quirks and imperfections because he thinks that they make them cute, and more “real”. Niall likes normal girls like directioners. And Zoe and Laura arent using him. Theyre friends

    • do i really need a name? says:

      hahaha let me ask you a question… Do you know Niall Horan?? cause if you do then maybe you deserve to say that. And to be honest Zoe and Laura are both incredibly beautiful and i think you know that too. And lets just say that you and Niall got together, wouldn’t you be using him? because you know no other Niall Horan then the one you have posters of and see on tumblr/twitter/instagram. And I think you should be happy for whoever is Nialls girlfriend cuz that means somebody elses dream or fanfic came true…

  2. olivia says:

    I LOVE u niall and I think u can get someone better (me) lol very pretty but u should date a fan like u said xxxxxx

    • Olivia really?? says:

      What if Zoe or Laura are fans? Then he did exactly what he said, just face the fact that he isn’t dating you…

  3. Megan says:

    My question is what happened to Niall saying he would never date a model because they are too perfect? What happened to dating a fan? Zoe is too perfect and and I’m jut disappointed. Eleanor Danielle and Perrie aren’t models and look how happy zayn Louis and Liam are?

  4. alessia says:

    Tutte x una cosa cretima! Ma guarda te! Tutta invidia!

  5. katelyn says:

    I think niall can have his own life too. I would be upset if every time he turns a corner or goes on the internet there is paps creating fan fic my sisters teacher ms.kelly ,her sister got married to his bro. And she said it was really tough for him because he coulnt have a nice day . And he did say he wouldn’t date a model cause their too perfect but maybe she is different . They are both lovely girls . And how would you like it if you were getting death threats that were really bad just because you were dating someone famous . Guys ,make them feel happy because believe me its not a nice feeling to be threatened to be killed
    I’m katelyn I’m twelve and this is what I think

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I will always support who ever niall dates. Yes Zoe and Laura are very beautiful, but if he’s dating Zoe, Niall had said ‘I would never date a model. Models are perfect and perfect is boring.’ I don’t really care who he dates as long as she treats him good.

  7. vickyhoran says:

    Zoe hasnt tweeted that!! zoe‘s twitter is: @ZOWHELAN she hasnt posted the pic of the “Niall‘s hat“ either!! cos its not Niall‘s, it belongs to a friend of Zoe!!