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The latest X Factor 2014 news: Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole return!

Watch X Factor’s topless model Chloe Jasmine audition BEFORE she became super-posh! Fake much? VIDEOS

Chloe Jasmine 2006 2014

When viewers saw jazz singer Chloe-Jasmine Whichello’s audition during the 2014 series opener on Saturday night – which impressed the judges so much, they put her straight through to Boot Camp – she may have looked a tad familiar…

And that’s because Chloe previously tried out for the show in 2006, though rather remarkably, her super-posh accent is not in evidence during the then 16-year-old’s pre-audition VT. But as you can see and hear in clips after the jump, though she has a somewhat ‘plummy’ accent in 2006, it’s a far cry from the I Just Swallowed the Entire Royal Family modulation that she displays in her 2014 audition. Read more & comment »

X Factor ‘fix’ row! Amateurs such as Jay James & Concept are not so amateur after all… #SSDD

jay james x factor 1

Every year, without fail, there are cries of ‘fix’ when X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent air, and every year, without fail, the show’s bosses once again remind fans that both talent contests are open to everyone, irrespective of their professional – or not so professional – pasts… Read more & comment »

X Factor 2014: Emotional Linzi Martin doesn’t do enough to secure a place in the arena auditions!

X Factor 2014: Linzi

This evening, an emotional Linzi Martin took to The X Factor audition room, as she tried to win over the approval of Simon Cowell once again!

Former Girl Thing band member, Linzi, gave the judges quite a headache on tonight’s show, after they were left with a massive decision to make.
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X Factor: Helen Fulthorpe earns herself a place at the Arena Auditions!

X Factor 2014 - Helen

Helen Fulthorpe was up next to audition for the show, and what a stunning voice she had.

Speaking to the judges prior to her audition, she said: “My son applied for me! I’ve always wanted to, but I’ve never felt I’ve had the confidence enough to do it”.
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X Factor 2014: Andrea Faustini sails though to the arena auditions, thanks to his big soulful voice!

X Factor 2014: Andrea

This evening’s audition from Andrea Faustini on The X Factor is the biggest example of how you should never judge a book by its cover.

Upon entering the audition room, you wouldn’t be wrong for thinking that he was going to be another act who just came to The X Factor for the hell of it, and wouldn’t be able to sing a single note in tune, but how wrong you would be.
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X Factor 2014: Jimmy, Jan & Oceane fail to impress the judges!

X Factor 2014: Jan
Foreign acts seem to absolutely love The X Factor UK, and sometimes they travel from all over the world, specifically to audition for the British version of The X Factor.

I don’t know what it is that draws them in, but there’s one thing for sure, none of them ever seem to do very well, do they? Just look at Wagner as a prime example. Just bloody awful.
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X Factor 2014: Arize & Overload surprise the judges and make the arena auditions!


Arize and Overload are yet two more bands that appeared on this evening’s second The X Factor auditions show, and although we’ve seen some impressive bands already, we can’t say we’re getting bored of them.

If a fierce girl group, and a heartthrob boyband are what you’re looking for, then these two acts will be right up your alley, as they show that this year, the bands are a force to be reckoned with.
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X Factor 2014: Harry Styles’ cousin Ben Selley sails through to arena auditions with band Concept

It’s a battle of the bands on tonight’s episode of The X Factor, as there’s more bands than ever taking to the auditions process.

Tonight, fans of the show will have seen boyband ‘Concept’ take to the audition room. The band is made up of Karim (20), Scott (20), Matt (20), Nathan (20) and Ben (20), and if it’s a quirky boyband, who have bloody amazing vocals you’re after, then you probably went a bit weak at the knees, right?
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X Factor 2014: Only The Young WOW the judges and make it through to the arena auditions!

X Factor 2014: Only The Young

Since the success of the likes of One Direction, 5SOS, The Vamps, and Little Mix; more and more bands have been auditioning for The X Factor, and they seem to get better by the year.

Only the Young, which is a group made up of best mates: Mikey (19), Betsy (18), Parisa (20) and Charlie (17) showed us exactly that this evening, as they blew the judges away with their acoustic rendition of Something About the Way You Look Tonight by Elton John.
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Concept! Harry Styles’ cousin Ben Selley could win X Factor 2014!

ben selley, harry styles 2

Fans of One Direction star Harry Styles will know that he and his cousin Ben Selley are close, but Ben has always tried to steer clear of ‘using’ his relationship with Harry to further his own career in music… Read more & comment »