‘Pathetic’ Dermot O’Leary, weepy Cheryl Cole mocked & Dannii Minogue ignored in new X Factor musical!

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As if most former X Factor judges didn’t hate Simon Cowell enough, the music mogul is set to cause even more controversy for the stars with his new X Factor musical.

The TV boss has teamed up with Harry Hill to write a new West End show based on his ITV talent series and insiders have revealed that he will exact his evil revenge against some stars that have upset him over the years, when this musical extravaganza premieres in London.

Dan Wootton in The Daily Mail revealed today that he got an advanced look at the script, which was revealed to some of Simon’s closest colleagues this week, and that one of the people portrayed badly and a little bit cruelly in the show is brunette beauty Cheryl Cole.

The character based on the former panel member will be named ‘Geordie’ (not very subtle eh?) and it’s reported that she will spend most of her time “sobbing into a Chelsea football jersey”, which is of course a thinly veiled reference to Chez’s marriage breakdown and split from Chelsea star Ashley Cole.


Sharon Osbourne and Dannii Minogue may be upset for different reasons, as it’s been claimed that both women have been written out of the show’s history altogether and don’t even get a mention in the stage version.

The worst story to come out of this however we feel, is the treatment of the lovely Dermot O’Leary. Wootton reports that the newly married star, who has presented the show since 2007, is portrayed as ‘pathetic and needy’.

A source close to the production told The Daily Mail:

simon cowell bgt

‘This is Simon’s pet project and he’s ecstatic with the script. He was in tears of laughter at the read-through.

‘He knows how much trouble he’s going to cause. Dermot, Dannii, Cheryl and Sharon will all be furious for different reasons. This is his ultimate revenge — he doesn’t care who he offends.’

The X Factor musical will centre around a wannabe named Shenise, who is thought to be based on 2008 winner Alexandra Burke, although instead of coming from a North London estate, she will hail from a caravan site.

Alexandra Burke - X Factor 2008

Alexandra Burke – X Factor 2008

The source says: ‘Simon is confident his musical is going to be a huge hit. He hasn’t been this excited about a project for ages.’

We can’t imagine that Simon Cowell will be a popular man after this one. Though we have to admit, it sounds more like Peter Kay’s reality TV parody than the X Factor at this point! What do you think X Factor fans? Leave your comments below…..

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4 Responses to “‘Pathetic’ Dermot O’Leary, weepy Cheryl Cole mocked & Dannii Minogue ignored in new X Factor musical!”

  1. wer says:

    To be honest, I don’t think Sharon or Dannii really care about it

  2. DJ P says:

    Simon, may I remind you that you wanted, not sure if you still do? Sharon for X Factor this year. After what you’ve done I don’t think she will go for it. I can’t believe how you use your power, your pethetic and what ever bad is comming for you, you will not avoid it. We are not in the 40s anymore, where things like this were completely normal. I hope that Cheryl will take you to court and demand all your money for compensation.

  3. bri says:

    Maybe Simon left Sharon and Dannii out for a reason. If he has had thoughts about bringing either of them back, maybe he didn’t want to poke fun at them or offend them by writing some ridiculous stage character that is only there for laughs for the audience. Poor Cheryl though.