Peter Andre sees a lot of himself in One Direction’s Harry Styles


Peter Andre has admitted that Harry Styles really reminds him of himself when he was first starting out on his music career.

In a recent interview the dad of two revealed that he started out on the same path as the One Direction singer and he thinks that those worrying about him going off the rails are doing so unnecessarily.

“People seem worried that he’s burning the candle at both ends, but let me tell you – I’ve been there, done that and I think it’s totally normal for a kid of his age,” Peter told Now.

“I was 16 when I signed my first record deal, so I was younger than Harry when I started out.

“I was doing all-nighters until I was about 25 and thought nothing of it!”

peter andre

The I’m A Celebrity star will celebrate his 40th birthday this weekend and instead of a mad party, he’s planning a quiet holiday with his children and girlfriend.

He insisted that Harry will grow out of his party lifestyle too one day.

“Eventually, you grow out of it,” he added. “If anyone suggested doing that now, I’d be like, ‘No thanks, I’m off to bed!'”

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Maybe Peter should have a word with the girls of B*witched as they have claimed that One Direction’s record label should be getting them counselling, in a bid to help them cope with their newfound fame and the pressures of being a celebrity.

They think that without professional help, one or more of the boys could end up with serious problems in later life.

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