Praise the Lord! Konnie Huq sacked from the Xtra Factor!

Our dreams have come true! Konnie Huq is reportedly set to be sacked from The Xtra Factor..

The former ‘Blue Peter’ presenter was brought in to replace Holly Willoughby when she left ITV2 show earlier this year but her wooden presenting style was not popular with viewers and she is said to have angered music mogul Simon Cowell by making a series of embarrassing blunders.

A production source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “Simon Cowell hasn’t been impressed and it seems certain she will be axed. Every week there seems to be a new mistake.”

Meanwhile, thousands of viewers have reportedly called for the return of Holly Willoughby, while a number of “sack Konnie” threads have also appeared on entertainment websites by furious fans who don’t want her to front next year’s series.

Unreality TV readers on Twitter last night joked that they would organise a ‘whip round’ and offer the money to Holly, if she would agree to return to the show.

Konnie’s latest gaffe came on Saturday night (11.12.10) when she said to finalist Cher Lloyd minutes after she was booted off the show: “What a night it has been for you, a night of dreams.”

An official ‘Xtra Factor’ spokesman confirmed no decisions have been made for the next series of the ITV2 show.

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31 Responses to “Praise the Lord! Konnie Huq sacked from the Xtra Factor!”

  1. Notafan says:

    I hope it’s true. I didn’t often watch Xtra factor anyway, but Konnie makes it unwatchable, not just for the gaffes but because she comes over as lacking empathy.

  2. CracklinRosie says:

    I noticed Konnie’s gaffe right away, too, when she said to Cher, “What a night it has been for you, a night of dreams”. I understood right away what everyone has been talking about. But overall, I love Konnie, and I hope it is not true that she has been sacked. Still, if there’s any chance for Holly to come back, that would be amazing. Holly is and always will be the best. Now, just let Simon stay, and everything will be perfect.

  3. konnieisfab says:

    konnie ie beautiful and brainy and a better role model for the nations teenagers and young women than the jealous spiteful haters who would want her out. she is extremely intelligent and is always thinking ahead which is usual of highly intelligent women where other people arent getting her line of thought until she then has to spell it out. its very interesting to watch where shes flying to in that pretty head stuffed full of brains. however x factor has a history of classism, such as the bullying of teacher danyl and some of the hostility towards waissal may have been because of her clearly upper middleclass vibe. pop is for everyone, and its great simon sought to bring a beautiful, accomplished asian, muslim presenter onto the show. its very sad if she is not to return due to the obviously jealous haters out there. konnie, respect. if the headline writer here knew the Lord, she wouldnt dare take his name in vain whilst mocking one of his creation, youre clearly just a vile bully.

    • jem says:

      If she’s so intelligent as everyone keeps saying, a Cambridge graduate at that, why does she present herself as the biggest idiot in town? She continuously asks the most stupid obvious questions. It’s great they brought in an asian muslim presenter, but at the same time, she hardly promotes any of her muslim values. If she has any.

      It is not jealousy, it’s plain and clear that she simply can not present.

      • Pete says:

        What is so great about bringing in a muslim presenter and what has that got to do with the program and why would you expect her to promote her muslim values?

    • Shittymcshit says:

      Bore off! She’s a total goon that can’t string a sentence together. It’s got nothing to do with class, religion or intelligence, it’s about being able to engage with an audience, which she obviously can’t do, hence getting the boot. She needs to Huq off

    • ainslie x says:

      WOW!!! Did i just read that rite? JEALOUS? If we were jealous sweetheart we wouldn’t want Holly back as Holly is far prettier than Konnie. Holly actually has a personality (she’s hilarious) and doesn’t make slip ups. so hunny your probably the jealous one wanting the presenter thats not the prettiest one out of the two to present Xtra Factor. Don’t get me wrong though i do think konnie is Preety but not Like Holly (She’s beautiful). Now all i need is Cheryl and Simon to do Brittish X Factor aswell as the Us version of the show and X Factor 2011 will be GREAT!!!

  4. Katie says:

    I’m sure she’s a great person and very friendly and sincere, but she can’t present. Or at least she shouldn’t be presenting Xtra factor. She’s made so many slip ups… and asks the most awkward and obvious questions, I stopped watching her. When she asks the contestants, A. She makes them feel awkward, B. They don’t even get what she’s asking because it comes from out of left field, or C. It’s obvious what the answer is. PLEASE pay Holly more money and get her back!!

  5. majel says:

    YES YES YESSSS holly was fit konnie was shit amen

  6. tina says:

    i think Konnie should stay she’s fabulous!

  7. Ray says:

    keep Konnie

  8. Alli says:

    Wagner: “I am with God who could be againist me?”
    Konnie:”Atheists maybe?”

    Konnie:”So Zayn,what was it like not having you here this week?”
    Zayn: “Um,I was here so I don’t know,ask one of them”

    Konnie is hiliarous but for all the wrong reasons!

  9. Nia says:

    Xtra factor presenter needs to be someone who actually is a fan of the show, with Konnie I got the feeling that she wouldn’t be watching the show if she wasn’t working on it, I think Jameela Jamil would be great. Or Nick Grimshaw!

  10. megz says:

    konnie didnt bother much to be honest, i much preferred holly tho. who would they get to replace her as i dont think holly will be back

  11. I think Konnie is intelligent,she isn’t a bimbo,although people tend to think she is .. shes friendly , funny , great presenter , her chemistry with Dermot is amazing ,and I enjoy watching the Xtra Factor whilst shes on it!I really don’t think she should be replaced…and who DOESN’T make mistakes?Its hardly like,Cher,or as ‘Alli’said earlier in this discussion,about the gaffe’s with Zayn & Wagner .. well they aren’t unhappy and it’s them who matter !
    Last thing .. if the publc , or most of them except the hater’s , love Konnie Huq , then there’s no doubt she DESERVES TO BE ON THE Xtra Factor.If Konnie goes I’m only watching the Live Shows,aka The X Factor before the Xtra just wouldn’t be the same without her and Simon gotta realise tht.

    (L) Konnie..please don’t go :’( < very sad face !!

    • Me says:

      Um, if most people don’t like her then she’s obviously not doing a good job, which is attracting the audience. I’m sorry you think that all that matters in presenting is the people she’s talking to but she needs to engage the audience which she doesn’t do. You may switch off when she’s gone but I’m sure 1000 people will switch back on in your place to see someone more competent.

  12. Barry says:

    I think I am celeb presenter Caroline Flack would be brilliant, does any1 agree

  13. Mya says:

    I don’t think she has a wooden personality. I mean, she often does seem rather flustered and even though she makes slightly awkward comments at times, i actually think she’s quite cute to watch. She’s very pretty and seems genuine enough and to be honest the questions that she asks the contestants, well, what else is she supposed to ask them? It seems as though people are just bitter and have nothing better to do with their own life which is why they spend their time analysing other people. You ought to just concentrate on your, basically your own life and please lets not forget the main thing here. It is only a TV show. It is just that and really not worth wasting all this energy over. Just thought i’d make that point. All my friends and family like Konnie, by the way. Her hair is amazing.

    • Me says:

      Yes because we don’t like her we have no lives and don’t think of our own. Maybe you should think of your own instead of ours and stop going on about how “pretty” her hair is (how irrelevant).

      she can’t present. she doesn’t engage the audience. it’s not a hate campaign it’s about whether you can do the job and she can’t.

  14. Nell says:

    I agree with Steve. She’s yummy!!

  15. zilla says:

    where’s charlie brooker when you need him!

  16. Katie says:

    BTW because of Dermot being in the photos. NEWS: Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens broke up, so very unlikely they’ll be judging X factor. Much rather have Dermot here than Ryan Seacrest.

  17. lo says:

    next time…dont get an economist to host…ANYTHING

  18. aj says:

    i can see why she’s annoying but i honestly don’t understand why everyone prefers holly she’s just as annoying to me

  19. Sarah says:

    Stacey Solomon would be a fab presenter on Xtra Factor!

  20. timbeck says:

    I think Konnie is GREAT !!! She’s jolly and has a twinkle in her eye. Simon Cowell (if he doesn’t like her) can’t dominate her and he needs to feel in control.

  21. khoustello says:

    Anyone notice her partner Charlie Brooker
    had nothing negative to say about the so
    called X-Factor in his t.v review of 2010
    anything to do with the fact Huq was one
    of the presenters on the X-Factor?

  22. StarInTheMaking says:

    Okay – I admit Konnie has a lot of muck ups – like the time when Simon and Cheryl were arguing and she said ‘get a room!’ and it totally sounded wrong!

    But other than that, I come from a bangladeshi, Muslim background – and not many people from that ethnicity actually claim some sort of fame in this country – for television and stuff. I used to think I have no chance in having a successful career in acting because of that – but Konnie succeeded in bieng a well-known tv presenter and now I believe in myself.
    So don’t boot her off the Xfactor – every one deserves a second chance…even though I’m rooting for Holly.

    My wierd and rather puzzling comment.

  23. jojo says:

    I can’t stand her, I hope she gets the sack. She’s irritating, insincere, uncomfortable and embarrassing. The fact that she’s Muslim is irrelevent to this debate, in fact I’m pretty sure she’s not a practising Muslim she just comes from that background.

  24. Ross Quinn says:

    So Konnie is terrible yet people are calling for ‘Oh my God I can’t string a oh my god what do you call it Stacey oh uh uh uh Sol – Oh Uh o – mon’ to host it.

    Konnie is not the best but it is personal taste, I’d much prefer her to anyone suggested.

    Why shouldn’t she have told Simon and Cheryl to get a room they are in cahoots with each other. He protected his little protege so much even when she picked that talentless thug over an actual singer.

    • Ross Quinn says:

      Just to make it clear in the first sentence I personally wasn’t saying Konnie was terrible she’s definitely more of a presenter than many of the talentless intelligence vacuums we have these days, she is just not the best.