Read Courtney Webb death threats over affair with One Direction’s Zayn Malik

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Courtney Webb has reportedly received a number of death threats, after claiming that she slept with a member of One Direction last week.

The waitress, from Bargo, New South Wales, Australia sold her story The Sun on Sunday, and provided them with pictures of Zayn Malik supposedly at home in bed in his London property. She said that she had visited his home when his girlfriend Perrie Edwards was off starting her Little Mix tour and had sex with the teen idol, before realising that he was in a relationship.

The blonde beauty said that she had no idea he was dating anyone, because she’s not a 1D fan, but later realised something about his story didn’t add up, as she spotted fake eyelashes and other girly items around his home.

Since the story broke, Directioners have been up in arms, with many refusing to believe that Malik would be so stupid. She has received a barrage of abuse on Twitter and some fans even threatened to find out where she lives in the English capital, so they could pay her a visit.

A number of death threats were also posted on the micro blogging site.

zayn perrie

One posted:

“how can Courtney Webb put such bad allegations on zayn malik for FAME ??? i’ll kill u butch if find u somewhere :/ DIRECTIONERS HAVE POWER !”

Another wrote:


A third tweeted:

“Courtney Webb, What’s Your Address I will Hunt you and Gonna Kill You Bitch. Perrie is for @zaynmalik .”

zayn malik

Soon after the story went out in the Sunday newspaper, Zayn returned from France and went straight to Nottingham to visit Perrie, where she was preparing for the next leg of her tour.

The pair spent the nigh together and insiders say that after a long talk, Edwards has decided to forgive him for now.

Malik briefly deleted his Twitter account last August after claiming he was tired of reading rumours about him cheating on Perrie. At that time, it was reported that he had invited a fan back to his hotel room, while dating Perrie. The video below was cited as proof.

What do you think Directioners? Is he guilty? Does Courtney deserve to be getting all this abuse? Leave your comments below…

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11 Responses to “Read Courtney Webb death threats over affair with One Direction’s Zayn Malik”

  1. Wendy says:

    Two things – firstly if they did sleep together why is she getting all the fall out when he’s the one in the relationship ?
    Secondly – I don’t believe for one minute she didn’t know about Perrie , I’m 45 and don’t follow 1D and I know – it was clearly all about making a buck for her.
    It’s Perrie I feel sorry for IF this is true .

  2. Jena says:

    i love one direction but….zayn didnt deny it…perrie is stupid

  3. Ellen says:

    I think courtney webb should stop selling stories, provalmente being untrue stories about Zayn Malik.
    To me he would never betray Perrie, because it seems they love each other very much and he would never do something like that with her. sz

    This is MY opnion …!

  4. jessie says:

    ‘zayn ik weet dat je nooit dat doet want je zou nooit perrie verraden dat weet ik want je houd van haar en die ith courtney zij verzint het ps:love you zayn

  5. Niallz_baby_moo says:

    I don’t want to believe this is true, but if it is, perrie is trying to forgive and forget – she really doesn’t want to spoil her relationship with zayn and people make stupid mistakes – no one is perfect… But I still think courteney is doing it for money and attention and the story seems to have changed from her “not having a clue who zayn was” and now ” not knowing about perrie coz she’s not a 1D fan”… it doesn’t all add up… I luv 1D and LM so I want zayn and perrie to both be happy…. :(

  6. Niallz_baby_moo says:

    If this even did happen, courteney was just as much in the wrong … How could she “not know”?! Plus, she said he “didn’t tell her” he had a gf, but it’s not as if she asked, is it?!

  7. DaughterOfLarryStylinson says:

    Dear god…I really am not sure what to say….The one i’m looking forward out to is Perrie…No matter what I’m still a fan because I’m true to them and whatever happens..

  8. Dave says:

    The above video in the hotel happened before he ever started dating Perrie. This kind of mislead information is just a hook to get people to down load this feed.

  9. jenniloves1D says:

    i think that if zayn really loved her he would have never done that.
    & that perrie needs to show more respect for herself. she or no wonam/girl should be treated like that.
    i just think it wasnt very smart of her to forgive him.
    once a cheater always a cheater….

  10. Biki says:

    It’s not Courtney’s fault! Zayn’s the one who should be getting all the hate. Courtney didn’t know he was in a relationship and some Directioners are really psycho, they should stop hatin on people just because ZAYN CHEATED on Perrie with a random person, he’s in the wrong too! why isn’t he getting of that shit from directioners. Perrie should just dump him, she deserves way better than Zayn…

  11. Bobby says:

    That courtney Webb chick is just trying to get zayn in trouble!!! I remember that Justin bieber scandal, this is exactly like that. Both girls just trying to get they’re names in lights. She doesn’t deserve these death threats, but seriously!!! Zayn loves Perrie more than anything in the world. He would never do such a thing to hurt her. She just needs to lay off.