Robbie Williams blasts Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw for “too old” remark… again!

robbie williams, nick grimshaw
Fans of Take That star Robbie Williams will know that he was furious after Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw refused to play his at-the-time new single Candy because he considered Robbie was “too old” to be producing such a ‘poppy’ song…

And last night, after playing live at the Sony Radio Academy Awards in London, Robbie took the opportunity to have yet another dig at Grimmers, and while he was at it, the BBC!

He began by saying, “I did the Brits and started singing, ‘Hey-ho, here we go’ to a bunch of industry people and they were all just like, ‘F*** off, you’re fat and you’re old…

“And Radio 1 don’t play you no more – you’re fat and you’re old’.”

The Sun reports that he then looked at Nick and said, “Isn’t that right Nick, you b******?”

Then, while referring to the child sex scandal that’s rocked the BBC, he said, “I came here and looked around and robbie-williams-baby-teddy-rosethought, ‘I’m the only person I recognise here tonight’.

“It’s like looking at the cast of Operation Yewtree 2014. Ooh – too soon, too soon?”

The paper adds, “After the singer performed Candy, and filmed himself on a punter’s phone, he returned to ribbing Grimmy, saying: ‘That’s Candy. How four-year-old do you want it, Radio 1?’”

But he wasn’t done yet, and having put some chewing gum into his mouth, he said, “Those aren’t drugs by the way.

“Nah, Radio 1’s not something that keeps me up at night, not at all.

“They’ve let me back on anyway with Dizzee Rascal, so thanks for that, Radio 1.”

Yikes! I think the moral of the story is don’t p**s Robbie Williams off; he doesn’t get over it in a hurry!

Here’s a look at Dizzee’s new track which features Robbie…

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