Robbie Williams has another dig at Blur, this time saying of Alex James, “Alex is the bassist in Blur — my nan could do that”

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Robbie Williams, it seems, loves a good row, and he has of course been having one with Blur for quite some time now…

And today, it’s been reported that he’s been picking at the scab again by saying of Blur’s bassist Alex James, “Alex is the bassist in Blur — my nan could do that. All she needs is a new haircut.”

Of what Robbie had to say, The Sun reports, “ROBBIE WILLIAMS has dropped a bomb all over his latest mission to make peace with Britpop’s heroes…

“The singer took aim at BLUR bassist ALEX JAMES during a themed edition of his Radio Rudebox that was designed to make amends for his recent rant against Nineties indie bands. Robbie’s broadcast, from his website, was class.”

But as to why he singled out Alex for criticism, Robbie said, “From what I now know, looking back, they [Blur] were suffering from a little bit of middle-class angst.

“I did feel like I was part of the s*** beneath their shoes for being in a boyband.”

However, he had some praise for front man Damon Albarn who he described as a “majestic songwriter.”

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But apropos of another rant he had recently about She Seven star Rick Witter, Robbie said, “I don’t want to upset him, he’s a nice guy.”

Here’s a reminder of a recent interview with Robbie…

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