Rod Stewart banned One Direction’s Harry Styles from Kimberly Stewart’s bedroom – doesn’t want her to end up like Taylor Swift!

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Rod Stewart is said to have laid down the law when harry Styles stayed at his LA mansion recently and gave him some definite house rules.

The One Direction star enjoyed dinner with the legendary singer, his wife Penny Lancaster and his daughter Kimberly during his recent US trip and insiders say he struck up a bit of a romance with the ‘Maggie May’ singer’s offspring.

However a source told The Daily Star that the young hunk was banned from going anywhere near Kim’s bedroom when he stayed at Rod’s plush home with the older star warning him:

“I have cameras all over this house – I know your every move!”

Kimberly and Harry are thought to have met in a nightclub last year, when One Direction were touring in America and she invited them to dinner when he returned last month. However, while Rod was happy enough for the young buck to stay at his mansion, he wasn’t keen on having his daughter defiled at the same time and apparently made sure the ‘Little Things’ singer used the guest room during his visit.

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A source revealed: “Harry had been flirting with Kimberly all night and they had been holding hands through dinner.

“He thought he was totally in there with her by the time they returned to the mansion and Rod offered to let him stay over.

“But just as Rod was about to head to bed he gave Harry that stern warning.”

The insider says Kim isn’t all that serious about Harry anyway and while she hasn’t ruled out a bit of a fling with the British singer, she knows it won’t be anything serious or binding.

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He added: “She hasn’t totally ruled out having a proper relationship with him.

“At the same time she’s determined she won’t end up being one of those girls he makes a fool of, like his ex Taylor Swift.”

Harry hasn’t got much time for romance over the next few weeks anyway, as he’s right in the middle of his Take Me Home world tour.

He and his bandmates are in Europe at the minute and last night he thanked his German fans, tweeting:

“Oberhausen! Thank you for having us Germany. Tschüss! ”

The boys will perform in Denmark tonight, before moving on to Norway on Tuesday. However they will be back in America for the US leg in June, so he could potentially hook up with Kimberly then……just not in Rod’s house!

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