Simon Cowell considering Caroline Flack as Khloe Kardashian’s replacement on X Factor USA?


Simon Cowell has already revealed that he is planning to shake up his American X Factor series and one of the changes he may make could be within the presenting team.

The music mogul is said to be considering hiring Caroline Flack to present the show, along with Mario Lopez, as a replacement for Khloe Kardashian who hosted her first series last year.

The leggy beauty is of course currently a presenter on the UK Xtra Factor but insiders say that American audiences reacted warmly to her when she hosted the Baftas for E! and as a result the offers from across the water have reportedly been flooding in.

Simon is believed to be considering a stateside move for Caz and if he doesn’t hire her for the main show, he could take her on board for a spinoff Xtra Factor style series.

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“It’s early days, but Simon has chatted with Caroline about working on The X Factor USA. He thinks she’s absolutely brilliant on Xtra Factor,” a source told Heat magazine.

“At the Sony BRITs party, he and Caroline sat in the corner all night together, having a long, animated talk. He really likes her cheeky, down-to-earth TV persona and how nothing fazes her.”

caroline flack, olly murs

Flack may not be quite ready to leave London though and pals supposedly said she isn’t convinced she wants to move to America.

A friend said: “She wants to take her time. She loves working on The Xtra Factor and she would never leave the UK permanently.”

Do you think Caroline should move to the states? Would you miss her from the Xtra Factor? Leave your comments below….

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4 Responses to “Simon Cowell considering Caroline Flack as Khloe Kardashian’s replacement on X Factor USA?”

  1. Kimmy says:

    No more female co-host!! Let Mario host by himself. A “boy and girl” hosting team is cheesy, and Mario is way too dynamic and charismatic to need an assistance. Besides, Steve Jones was fired for being British, so another Brit is being considered?

  2. KS says:

    Anyone but Khloe or Mario.. I think it’s common knowledge just how awful Khloe was, so awkward and over the top with her comments, no professionalism.

    And with Mario? He just has no personality. Just boring, bland, very disposable. See Dermot has personality, Ryan Seacrest has personality, they bring something to their respective shows whilst adding value to it.

    Plain simply, Mario is just a nobody, should get him off the air ASAP!!

  3. Sandra says:

    Would be gutted to see Caroline leave the Xtra Factor. Really want to see her and Olly return. But having said that it would be great for her career if it worked and thats what she wanted. Cat Deeley is doing grear in the US apparently and Caroline is way better than Cat but Cat is never here. Cant see Caroline wanting to leave her family and friends and go over. I hope she stays here and does another Xtra season, then I think she will be scooped up to do something pretty major and get something of her own, a new project. Bring back a Friday tea time chat and music show like TFI Friday or the Tube or something. She would be amazing on that

  4. Lammy says:

    HAAAHAAAHAA! your show will be a sinking ship Haaaahaaahaa!