Simon Cowell guarantees Louis Walsh his seat for 2012

Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh deliberate!

Simon Cowell has reportedly told ITV bosses that Louis Walsh is the only judge safe on The X Factor.

Five months before nationwide auditions start, the music mogul has not yet decided the fate of Gary Barlow, Kelly Rowland and Tulisa Contostavlos, but he does know one thing…he wants Louis back!

The Mirror claims that the TV boss has even asked that a contract is prepared for the Irish star and is said to be offering him a whopping £1 million for his ninth year on the show.

An insider said:

‘Louis is the only judge who has been verbally offered a deal.

‘Despite all the reports that he has been sacked, he is 100 per cent nailed on to be back – if he wants the job.’

The source also claimed that the offer came about, because Simon ‘trusts’ Louis and likes the fact that he acts as his eyes and ears on the ITV show.

The only fly in the ointment is that Louis recently admitted he was considering leaving The X Factor, because he ‘wants his life back.’ He made the revelations in an interview with Dannii Minogue……we wonder if £1 million will sway him?

Would you like to see Louis back? Do you think he brings something enjoyable to the series? Leave your comments below.

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6 Responses to “Simon Cowell guarantees Louis Walsh his seat for 2012”

  1. Viewer says:

    But every year he fails. I mean, his only memorable achievements have been JLS, Jedward (but not for conventional reasons) and winning Series 2. But JLS would have done well with any other mentor imo.

    It really isn’t fair to the other mentors who probably have put more time and effort into their acts than Louis has.

    Not to mention the past couple of Series his highest acts have been 7th, 5th and 6th respectively.

    Pssh, I just hope Tulisa is back next year.

  2. mrknowitall says:

    this is the best news I have read and whole heartly hope it is true. Louis is fantastic on the show, witty and comical and has the ability to laugh at himself as well as knowing exactly what each ‘theme’ relates too. Can we recall how Gary, Tulisha and kelly made a sham of rock week. Also, louis has the ability to create a special bond with judges most noteabily Tulisha in this serious and beats Gary Barlows undermining of the other judges and Kellys divaish outbursts

  3. meeeee says:

    eugh hope he doesnt come back, he was a good judge but the comps moved on and he hasnt….

  4. Caroline says:

    Big mistake. Simon should keep the other 3 judges and let Louis go. Please no more Louis we’ve had enough of him.

  5. Garra says:

    i like to see louia back but i like to see the other three judges sacked because i dont thing they any harmoney. spicially Tulisa she has to go but again the other a apart from lousi most go as will.

  6. Christina says:

    I love louis he’s so nice the show wouldnt be the same without him!!!! he my fav on the panel he deserves to be back next year woudnt watch the show if he wasnt on it!!!!