Simon Cowell gets beauty tips from his mum!

Vain X Factor and BGT mogul Simon Cowell is rumoured to be über paranoid about looking his age, but according to his brother Tony, Simon takes tips from his mum Julie on how to stay looking young.

Tony said, “He takes care of his skin – doesn’t want to get old. He learnt it from Mum.”

However, Tony says that the rumours that Simon has colonic irrigation and even “blood regeneration” therapies are unlikely to be true, but in terms of odd quirks, Tony revealed that it’s true that Simon insists on having black loo roll in his house.

He said, “He buys it in bulk because he loves black and white. All his houses are black and white and so the black toilet paper suits the decor.”

But back to how Simon copes with the rigors of advancing years, while speaking to the Daily Mail about her famous son, 80 year old Julie said, “Simon is always having something done…

“He likes things to be just the way he wants them.”

But no matter what Simon looks like or how old he gets, he’ll always be Julie’s little boy.

She said, “I’m proudest of the fact that my son is a lovely person. What you see is what you get.

“I don’t watch him on TV and think: ‘Who is this?’ And he hasn’t let his success go to his head, I can assure you of that.

“I was watching for his feet to come off the ground, and if they did, I would have made sure they came down again quickly.”

Unlike his eyebrows, which barely ever move…

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