Simon Cowell may try to replace her with Cheryl Cole but Tulisa is ‘NEVER’ leaving The X Factor!

Tulisa Contostavlos has revealed that she will never quit the X Factor.

There had been some reports recently suggesting that the N-Dubz star wanted to take a step back from her very public life, settle down and maybe even think about starting a family. However in a recent interview she has denied the claims and said that she will never leave the ITV show voluntarily.

Tulisa has no acts left in this year’s series and after winning last year with Little Mix, she has no hope of achieving the honour for a second year, after Ella Henderson was eliminated on Sunday night.

But even this won’t deter her and speaking to Metro, the brunette beauty insisted that she’s there for the duration, explaining:

‘I would never quit the show.’

She added:

‘At the end of the day, I’ve got to where I am as a solo artist with The X Factor.’

Tulisa quickly backtracked at this point and insisted that of course her music is good enough to have topped the charts without the ITV show, but she concedes that it gave her a platform and some really decent PR just before she went solo earlier this year.

Contostavlos continued:

‘I’m not saying musically my music wasn’t good enough. I still believe Young would have gone to No.1 but the way that I have been blown out of proportion is fully down to The X Factor and I am grateful for that and I would never bite the hand that feeds you.’

It’s been reported though that Tulisa might not have a choice in whether she stays or she goes as insiders say Simon Cowell is planning a major shake up of the judging panel next year.

The music mogul is reportedly considering returning to the show himself for six weeks in a bid to boost ratings and is considering replacing Tulisa altogether, preferably with Cheryl Cole.

One insider said:

“Simon sees Cheryl and Nicole as the dream team. He believes those two women on the show would pull in ­viewers and make it so much more ­appealing than the current series.”

Another source explained:

“Simon thinks only Dannii and Cheryl can save the show.

“He’s contacted them to ask if they would be interested in coming back next year because he worries Tulisa has lost her edginess.”

What do you think X Factor fans? Are you a Tulisa fan? Do you want to see her on the 2013 series? leave your comments below….

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10 Responses to “Simon Cowell may try to replace her with Cheryl Cole but Tulisa is ‘NEVER’ leaving The X Factor!”

  1. Jj bicknell says:

    No no no get rid of the other foul mouthed B….h she doesent know how to acted when you have such viewer watching

  2. Laila says:

    i think tulisa rocks and she is the best.

    i think cheryl should swap places with nicole

  3. Sharon Majek says:

    Personally I think the whole panel needs changing! None of them seem to have a clue, Louis never has done and I have no idea why he is still there! I can’t stand either Tulisa or Nicole, they both are unpleasant and have nowhere near the decorum of Dannii or Cheryl! I thought Nicole would be good for the show but I was very very wrong! I think she is very immature and childish, and the fact that she is now going to win is infuriating – her head is swollen enough! Very disappointing year this year, all spoilt by Rylan for me, and I stopped watching after he was saved for the first time! That to me was the final nail in the coffin – thank you Mr Walsh, you did it again – Jedward, Wagner and countless others you have made us suffer!

  4. Sophie Graves says:

    Cheryl all the way she will bring back all the viewers and make the show a big hit like it used to be! cherylcherylcheryl! she is so talented and knows what she is talking about!<3

  5. Anthony says:

    If Tulisa stays that will be the end of ANY last lingering hope of the programme surviving. And Nicole has been a disaster I’m afraid.
    After all the other problems have been sorted out, if indeed that’s possible, my perfect judging panel would be Gary, Louis, Dannii Minogue and Mel B, but I think the way forward would be for Simon Cowell to return as a 5th judge, but in a more authoritative capacity, i.e. to ensure fairness, etc and to give an impartial opinion, so not to take on a category but to oversee the others and perhaps be present at each of the judges houses when they decide who goes through to the live shows. He could then give his input so as to ensure the best acts really do make it, and it is a fair process.

  6. Kieran says:

    Tulisa is simply the most amazing judge on UK TV. If they were to get rid of her, the show would be awful.

    She is the best judge the X factor has ever had, because she was the only ever judge to get a group to WIN the Show. Tulisa all the way!!!!

    Love her

  7. big davy says:

    Serves Tulsia right she had a chance to send Rylan home but put it to the public vote a few weeks ago .Her ego is gettin to big that she thinks things work a round her.time to go she should walk b4 Simon returns for the shake up

  8. Deby says:

    Tulisa should keep on the show she is the best mybe nicole should go or loui and just simpn be in there place

  9. Sarah Lund says:

    Why is she a judge on this show? I thought only people from record labels were meant for this role. I’m sure I wouldn’t mind seeing her leave anytime soon. Can’t believe I once said I admired her after seeing that BBC documentay. As soon as THAT tape was all in the news, I took back my compliment. I lost all admiration for her. I have way more class, so I’d not want to look up to someone who put out such a tape.

  10. Sera says:

    If we want the show to carrie on we have to be honest and choose a jugde according to his potential and not because of other reason as this is my friend or family frien or because I like him…my friends and me are not watching anymore xfactor uk we find it horrible because of the panel Nicole is worsethan tulisa louis should have gone longtime ago the show is full of rudenesse…Gary is the only true musician but again Simon does not like him so I think he will it depends what we want from a show?we watch xfactor usa America. Has been voting for the overs and everybody is happy and respect public vote eventhou they have many talents. In uk last week it was like funeral because of the vote. After all ella all she does is sing.she never move last year jeannette had fantastic voice and she was out. Again what do we want from this show?