Simon Cowell praises One Direction – Liam Payne & Zayn Malik strip in new This Is Us video (PICTURES)

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Morgan Spurlock promised us plenty of topless shots in the new One Direction movie and so far, it looks like the director has delivered plentifully.

Yesterday the X Factor band released a brand new trailer for the film, which will be titled This Is Us and released in August of this year and already, in the short video we’ve been treated to some tasty ab shots courtesy of the lovely Liam Payne and Zayn Malik.

Liam, 19, isn’t a bit body shy and chats easily to the camera as he strips down to his tight fitting black boxer shorts backstage at one of the group’s show.

Zayn shows off his buff body in a later segment, as he demonstrates his newly acquired boxing skills.

Harry Styles is seen visiting his home town and the old bakery he once worked in, while Zayn Malik’s mum is moved to tears when she goes to view the new home her son has bought for her for the first time.

A lot of action is squeezed into the short clip and the boys are also seen camping and fishing with one another, and Malik admitted that it’s important for him to have his bandmates around.

‘As a group you’ve always got someone to share experiences with,’ explained the Bradford bad boy.

‘They’re not wrapped up in everything, just five normal lads having the time of their lives,’ one of their team added.

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The band pay tribute to their fans, as does their record label boss Simon Cowell.

SiCo said: “The fans were the ones who made up their minds that this band were going to be huge.”

Watch the clip and leave your comments below….

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