Simon Cowell says “I can’t do X Factor USA and UK!” Which will he choose?

It has of course been reported for weeks that Simon Cowell is going to become the savior of X Factor by returning to the UK version next year in a bid to halt – and reverse – the ignominious decline in viewer numbers.

However, according to TV Biz today, Simon has concluded that he simply can’t do the transatlantic hopping that would be required of him – in flying to and fro from the States to the UK on a weekly basis – were he to keep up his role on X Factor USA as well as working on the UK show.

But of course, Strictly Come Dancing judges Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli do just that, but Simon thinks that his USA contestants would suffer if he were to do likewise.

A source close to Simon said, “Bruno and Len fly back and forth each week between LA and London on Strictly — but they are just judges, they don’t have to work with the contestants…

“Simon prides himself on being a good mentor and he just cannot see a way to juggle three acts in America and three acts in the UK.

“He would be instantly open to accusations that he is not hands-on enough — and that is the opposite of how he works.

“Simon is desperately trying to find a way to do it but he’s convinced it’s a no-go.”

But of course, it’s been reported that Simon has told Cheryl Cole that she can “name your price” to take up a judging role on the UK show again, while at the same time, he’s said to be keen to get rid of judges Tulisa and Gary Barlow before next year’s show.

It’s even been rumoured that Sharon Osbourne and Dannii Minogue have been approached to talk about returning to X Factor UK.

Do you think X Factor UK is doomed without Simon? Or will it make little difference whether he comes back or not?

Here’s a look at Simon on X Factor USA…

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9 Responses to “Simon Cowell says “I can’t do X Factor USA and UK!” Which will he choose?”

  1. Sean Bassett says:

    Just ditch X Factor USA. That way,he can make X Factor UK better.

  2. DJ P says:

    Right, here’s how I see it. The USA X Factor will do well without Simon, that’s what we kind of know. However we also do know that without Simon, the UK X Factor is not doing well at all, so the simple answer is, save the show that you know is not doing well without you. That is X Factor UK.

  3. Ghee says:

    Oh no! Never will Simon ditch Xfactor USA, bcoz it is the Show where his manufactured xfactor Artist can get thru America, plus his never-ending support for the Artist he really wants to break America!

  4. Max says:

    How are the viewing figures doing lately?

  5. Mandy says:

    So why doesn’t Simon do the same as Len and Bruno do and judge on both shows but not mentor a category on either show. That way he could have 4 mentors who judge and Simon as an impartial judge.

    That way he couldn’t be accused of tactically critisicing acts, he could judge on both shows and more importantly get rid of this deadlock rubbish week after week!

  6. RC says:

    Honestly Id love to see the US version cancelled. So I hope he chooses to go back to the UK one. Our version is just bad and isnt doing that great in the ratings anyways. Although I hear he already is signed on or there will be a 3rd season so Idk. I say he goes back to the UK one let Sharon Osbourne handle season 3 the last season here. They f’d up too much on our version… first with letting rachel crowe go and having nicole be a judge. then this season letting go wayyyyyyyy too soon Jeffrey Adam Gutt and then letting Jillian Jensen go and then the way too early exit of Jannel Garcia, etc. The only talent left now is Tate Stevens and Idk if he can sell and be that success the show needs here. Honestly I think Ill stick with the Aussie version from now on and maybe maybe just watch us ones auditions n bootcamps rounds heck I might not even do that cuz us version pissed me off too much this season.

  7. Directioner says:


  8. Ghee says:


  9. DanWillz says:

    UK Xfactor is a karaoke competition compared to USA the talent is unreal! So bored with the UK one its had its day… Next Please!