Simon Cowell’s former friend Andrew Silverman “not in the right place” to forgive him for his affair with pregnant Lauren!

simon cowell, andrew and lauren silverman
X Factor boss Simon Cowell is sure to be far from happy that intimate details about his private life are currently being splashed all over newspapers and t’interweb, as of course it’s been claimed he is the father of US socialite Lauren Silverman’s unborn baby…

So he’s probably not going to enjoy hearing that Lauren’s now ex-husband Andrew has hit the headlines again today by saying that he’s not ready to even consider forgiving Simon or his ex-wife for their affair.

The Daily Star reports that when asked if he would “ever get over the betrayal by his ex-wife and his so-called pal,” Andrew replied, “I’m not in that place right now…

“I don’t know. I’m taking every day at a time, not weeks, not months.

“It’s been a difficult situation but I think I’m doing the best that I can with the cards that I have been dealt.

“And my priority has been to protect Adam the whole time.

“We love him really dearly and we don’t want this to affect his future.”

He added, “I’m a private person. We are a very private family.”

simon cowell, lauren silverman

Sadly for Andrew and his family, it’s probably going to be quite some time before they can call their lives their own again, and I would imagine once the baby’s born, there will be a resurgence of interest in the whole debacle, given that – as we reported recently – Simon’s lawyers have apparently advised him to carry out a paternity test on the infant once he or she arrives.

Here’s a reminder of a news report about the baby drama…

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