Taylor Swift admits ‘When love’s good, it’s so simple’ – is she talking about One Direction’s Harry Styles or someone else?

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Taylor Swift has led quite a complicated love life over the past few years and has more exes than we’ve had hot dinners. Well not quite, but you see where we’re going. It turns out that like the rest of us, she’s just searching for that illusive ‘easy’ relationship and it sounds like she’s had a taste of it before.

The ’22′ hitmaker has left a chequered string of boyfriends in her wake but she admitted that when love is working, its the most easy and natural thing in the world. It’s only when things go wrong that it becomes problematic and all encompassing.

Taylor took a break from her US Red tour with Ed Sheeran to chat with E! Latin America’s ‘Coffee Break’ and she opened up about her romantic life, explaining:


“Love is one of those things that’s so simple you don’t need to think about it when it’s good. You only need to think about it when it’s bad.”

Things certainly took a bad turn at the start of the year, when Taylor split from One Direction star Harry Styles after a tumultuous six week relationship. The pair were enjoying a romantic break in the Caribbean in January, when things went wrong and Swift travelled home to America, alone.

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Swift was full of life advice and deep thoughts this week and she tweeted her fans a few days ago, telling them not to look into their past, or future but to appreciate what they have in the present. She wrote:

“I’m beginning to think that you don’t find happiness from living your life looking ahead or back..that you find it when you look around.”

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One Response to “Taylor Swift admits ‘When love’s good, it’s so simple’ – is she talking about One Direction’s Harry Styles or someone else?”

  1. toshia says:

    Why do you insist on bringing this proven PR relationship back up??? Nothing that she said would indicate that she was talking about Harry and everyone else seems to have caught on that this was one of the biggest and worst PR stunts that this boy has been put through. It’s time that you give it a rest as well.