Tess Daly says Simon Cowell secretly LOVES Strictly Come Dancing – Nicola Roberts thinks Kimberley Walsh’s bum will win it!

Simon Cowell may be doing his best to beat them in the ratings but Tess Daly has revealed that the music mogul is actually a big fan of Strictly Come Dancing.

Cowell is the man behind ITV’s X Factor, which goes head to head with the BBC dance show each weekend. Last year it lost out in the ratings battle more Saturdays than not and in 2012 it’s been reported that Simon has ordered a number of changes to the live shows, in order to better compete with Strictly.

Tess Daly has fronted the show with Bruce Forsyth since it’s inception and she claims that each and every time she meets Cowell at showbiz events, he quizzes her about it.

In an interview with The Mirror, Vernon Kay’s missus said:

“Every time I see Simon, he asks me about it and he’s secretly a fan.”

She added:

“He always asks me how it’s going and all about the line-up – he really enjoys it. Simon knows TV, he’s a clever bloke and he understandably thinks Strictly’s a great show.

“He’s the first to say when credit’s due.”

Cowell has done everything in his power to damage Strictly this year, even poaching one of their judges – Alesha Dixon – for his other ITV show Britain’s Got Talent.

It’s only a matter of time before he tries to take their presenters too but Tess says she won’t following in Dixon’s footsteps.

She insisted that no matter what cash Cowell offers, she won’t be defecting and explained:

“It’s genuinely never about the money for me.”

“To have money is a bonus in life and affords you luxuries. But Strictly is a job that I love and could never leave. It’s a part of my life.”

Meanwhile, Kimberley Walsh is preparing to perform on her first Strictly live show on the 5th of October and is understandably nervous about the prospect. Her former Girls Aloud bandmate Nicola Roberts thinks she’s as safe as houses though and joked today that her pal will win the show, just because she has such a great bum.

The red headed singer told The Sun:

“I think with a smile and a bum like Kimberley’s she doesn’t have any competition.

“She is amazing. She is an amazing person in general. She’s one of my best friends and she’s just such a beautiful person.”

Nicola has appeared on a number of fashion based reality TV show but says she would never follow Kimberley onto the dance show. Roberts added:

“No, I wouldn’t do it – but Kimberley will be queen of Strictly Come Dancing.”

Do you think Kim’s bum is good enough to whip up the votes and do you think Simon Cowell would work on Strictly if he could? Leave your comments below…

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