The Wanted’s Jay McGuiness thinks Max George could beat One Direction’s Zayn Malik – talks Rita Ora, Justin Bieber collaborations

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The Wanted just keep on going and instead of putting their feud with One Direction behind them, they are still talking about their desire to beat their rival boyband stars….and not in the charts.

Max George recently challenged the members of the X Factor band to a boxing match, so that they could sort out their differences and work out their bad feelings for one another in the ring, but Zayn Malik later claimed that Max refused to put his money where his mouth was and set a date.

Now Jay McGuiness has waded in on the spat and despite recently trying to call a truce with the Little Things singers, he’s now insisted that his bandmate could definitely beat Zayn in a physical fight.

The bands are currently on different continents, as One Direction continue with the American leg of their Take Me Home world tour and The Wanted were in London at the weekend for the Capital FM Summertime Ball.

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Speaking to The Mirror Jay claimed that if the fight ever does happen though, his pal would win hands down. He said:

“We’re not friends with One Direction. We don’t hang out or anything. I reckon Max would win in a fight with Zayn. He’s got good fighting skills and he doesn’t bruise very easily. I’ve seen Max in action disagreeing with a taxi driver.”

However Jay didn’t want to get into the issue any further and insisted:

“I don’t worry about fighting with One Direction, I’m trying to keep a dignified silence, like the Queen. She says ‘Never deny and never confirm’.”

Meanwhile, Tom Parker has revealed that The Wanted’s next album will feature some pretty major music stars.

walks like rihanna the wanted

The boyband have been working on their follow up to 2011 debut album ‘Battleground’ for what seems like forever, but it’s finally taking shape and Tom revealed that Justin Bieber and Rita Ora will both be featured in new track. He said:

“Dr Luke, Rita Ora, Nasri who does a lot of Bieber’s stuff [and] Justin himself. [Nathan Sykes is] back so yeah I think it’s gonna be our best album yet and hopefully there’ll be a couple of surprise collabs there as well.”

The band’s most recent single was titled ‘Walks Like Rihanna’ and Parker revealed that the Barbadian star loved the track. He said:

“We met her manager in New York and he said that he really liked it and that she really liked it which is always a good sign ‘cos if she hated it we’d be in a pretty bad place.”

What do you think of this whole thing boyband fans? Leave your comments below…

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5 Responses to “The Wanted’s Jay McGuiness thinks Max George could beat One Direction’s Zayn Malik – talks Rita Ora, Justin Bieber collaborations”

  1. nialls wife says:

    why cant they just put it behind them? its getting stupid now! the wanted are clearly jealous of 1Ds success and its making them look stupid if they need to stop cause its causing tension between fans and it isn’t fair!xxx

  2. Madison says:

    Max and Zayn need to get over their little feud. Whatever went down with them happened what a year ago? Let it go boys and move on. Also Jay needs to keep his mouth shut as well and stop adding fuel to the fire. It’s mostly been Max and Jay egging this feud on the past 3 weeks while the 1D boys have kept their mouths shut. Both bands should keep each others names out of their mouths and ignore each other. Enough is enough.

  3. whatever says:

    Does Jay know what dignified silence is? Cause he is far from it by commenting the way he does… so if it’s his aim, he is missing the mark big time for now.

    Anyway: TW & 1D need to put this behind them.
    1D seem to be taking steps in that direction, hope TW will follow!

  4. Truth serum says:

    The irony of this cretin mouthing off, and then claiming to keep a ‘dignified silence’.

  5. Linda says:

    This is the only way The Wanted can get UNREALITYTV to print anything about them. Pretty pathetic if you ask me.