The Wanted’s Max George thinks One Direction’s Harry Styles is a ‘good catch’…..for his MUM & blasts Zayn Malik again!

max george

Max George may not like One Direction much and we know he has a real problem with Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik but it seems The Wanted star is somewhat taken with Harry Styles.

In recent weeks Max has challenged the X Factor boyband to a fight, a sing off and slated their fan base but now he’s admitted that Styles may actually be a ‘good catch’ for his mum.

Go figure!

Harry is well known for having a penchant for older women and it first presented itself when the then 17 year old dated 31 year old Caroline Flack. Since then it’s been claimed that he also slept with married DJ Lucy Horobin, who is also more than a decade older than him.

George thinks Haz would take a shine to his mum if he ever met her and he wouldn’t even stand in the ‘Little Things’ singer’s way if he made a play for her.

harry styles tattoo

Speaking to Heat magazine, the ‘Walks Like Rihanna’ singer said that the One Direction superstar would probably love his mum although she’s a little out of his league:

“See, I think Harry’s really cool, so I think he’d be a really good catch. I wouldn’t mind. He’d have done well for himself, though.”

However Max won’t be so quick to make up with Zayn Malik and he admitted that the feud between the boybands became real for him when Zayn Malik offended his nan, by calling him ”Chlamydia boy” on Twitter.

max george, zayn malik

He said that the fact that his grandmother got so upset made it a personal row for him and explained:

”The only thing that p***ed me off was when Zayn said something that upset my nan. He said I had a certain something.”

This feud isn’t showing any sign of dying down! Leave your comments below….

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6 Responses to “The Wanted’s Max George thinks One Direction’s Harry Styles is a ‘good catch’…..for his MUM & blasts Zayn Malik again!”

  1. Hazel says:

    His nan is on twitter?! wow.

  2. Linda says:

    Is there anything that Max won’t do to keep his name in the News? He uses 1D because of their high profile in the media. He knows it will get his face and name out there. Cheap shot Max.

  3. person says:

    why was his nan crying over the fact someone was calling him names (more specifically chlamydia boy) lol

  4. Molly says:

    This guy is just embarrassing himself now

  5. Alex says:

    He didn’t say anything bad, what is all the fuss about? And Max loves his family, he’s really close with his nan Teresa, so I’m not suprised it has upset her. Max may come across as a jerk, but in real life all he cares about is his family and his dogs.

  6. Natalie Malik says:

    Forget the Wanted, Im on 1D’s side, plus they started the whole shenanigan, they are nobody, why do you think ONE DIRECTION,is #1 in over twenty countries. I know thang right that they aren’t bold enough to touch any of my boys, puh, losers :P