The Wanted’s Max George wants to sort out One Direction feud but he’s still blaming Zayn Malik & Louis Tomlinson!

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The Wanted have opened up about their feud with One Direction and insisted that the whole thing started over one silly, misunderstood comment.

The British / Irish boyband have been at war with the X Factor stars for what feels like forever, though things have certainly escalated of late with Max George suggesting that they sort out their differences in a boxing ring sooner rather than later.

However, in a new interview with Heat magazine the hunk insisted that he never intended to go up against or put his band in rivalry with 1D and explained that the whole feud started with a statement he stupidly made in an interview more than two years ago.

George explained:

“I made a comment ages ago that was completely misread. I said, “Where are they now?” because it was during the transition period of them coming off The X Factor and releasing a single.”

the wanted

Max insisted that the question was an innocent one and not intended to be mocking or malicious, however it was interpreted differently by One Direction stars Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik and he continued:

“I was just wondering where they were, not making a dig. That comment got blown out of proportion, then Louis said he had no respect for us. Then Zayn started being weird on Twitter.

Tom Parker supported his bandmate and admitted:

“It all escalated.”

Max wants to sort the issues out face to face – even though he claims that 1D chickened out of meeting with them when both bands were in America last December – and he told the magazine that he thinks it’s time to put the war of words behind them, especially as their young fans are all getting so involved.

The ‘Walks Like Rihanna’ singer said:

“I think we’ll sort it out when we see them. I think it should stop, because the fans are getting riled. A lot of their fans are younger than ours, and when you see a 12 year old arguing with a 21 year old and the kind of language that’s used… you don’t want to be the cause of it.”

Max insisted that he wants to put the whole matter to bed and added:

one direction our moment

“Well and truly. The only thing that p***ed me off was when Zayn said something that upset my nan. He said I had a certain something. [Zayn called Max “chlamydia boy” last year.]”

We think the bands should sort this whole thing out sooner rather than later, or they are going to face repeats of today’s grim Twitter trends more and more frequently as their fanbases continue to clash online.

What do you think? Leave your comments below….

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26 Responses to “The Wanted’s Max George wants to sort out One Direction feud but he’s still blaming Zayn Malik & Louis Tomlinson!”

  1. Leslie says:

    I think the wanted should stop saying 1D’s fans are all 12, cause we’re obviously not.

    • yo says:

      I agree that the majority of One Directions fans are not actually as young as many think we are, however the ones that would be arguing on twitter and other social sites would be mostly the younger ones. The older understand that the arguments are futile and we are mature enough to not go seeking fights on the internet. But all in all, I agree with you.

    • Amy says:

      They never said yous were all 12,honestly some folk are so one sided.

  2. whatever says:

    TW made more than one comment that were alledgelly misread. If they fessed up to it, I would have more respect for them.
    I also think the subtle dig at 1D’s fanbase and its age is not subtle enough not to be noticed when he highlights that his fanbase is so much older (humble brag anyone?).

    However, I agree that they need to sort this out, both fanbases (parts of them…) having vile hashtagging war on twitter is not acceptable!

  3. Becka says:

    “when you see a 12 year old arguing with a 21 year old”the funniest part is, that the ’12 year old’ is probably winning

  4. Linda says:

    TW or Max to be sure, attacking 1D fans is only a ploy to get more attention. It is getting them a post on this sight and I’m sure that is all they are after. If Max was as popular as 1D he wouldn’t have to take these cheap shots. Sad.

  5. maria says:

    the fact that they are the ones to keep bringing up the fued should show just how much they want attention. And trying to rial up 1D fans by calling them 12 year olds is pathetic. Grow up TW and actually spend some time “working” on your own career.

    • Hannah says:

      Listen, if The Wanted aren’t “working”,then their spending time with us.. Talking to us, tweeting us, and interacting with us… One direction honestly don’t care for you or the rest of your directioner army. Where as you love them with all your heart.. They don’t. And the fact that zayn would call Max chlamydia boy really shows that actually, one direction need to “grow up” … Not The Wanted. They can’t help it if interviewers ask them question about one direction . The truth.

  6. Laura says:

    First of all I’m not 12. Second of all of course it will be interpreted that way, you started this Maxie boy . “Where are they now?” Really?
    They’re the biggest boyband in the world as of now.
    Where are you?

    • Hannah says:

      Actually,the asshole you call “sassy and “humorous”, Louis started it all when he decided to be a smart ass at one of his gigs. And his name is max. And zayn calling him chlamydia boy REALLY? is he 5? Now I know why they attracted so many little kids…THEY THEMSELVES ARE LITTLE KIDS! one direction try to act and talk mature but really, they just sound retarded and stupid. And your right, directioners probably aren’t ALL 12 year olds old are you? 12 1/2? The thought of you even thinking one direction being better than The Wanted amazes me and something inside me feels for you because honey, you clearly don’t know what music is if you listen to one direction shit. Don’t waste your time.. One direction doesn’t give two shits about their fans..including you.. The Wanted on the other hand loves and cares for every one of us. One direction tweet more about The Wanted than you guys. Where as The Wanted spend hours interacting with us. # SORRYNOTSORRY.

    • Laura is an idiot says:

      Calm ur tits! U sound desperate rather than supportive!

      • Hannah says:

        Who? If your talking about me than sorry it just really pisses me off that all this hate goes to the wanted when its not their fault.

  7. nikki says:

    a lot of this is brought up because of interviewers, the wanted dont bring it up. they’re often asked about it, louis and zayn tend to make unncessary digs at the wanted. i love both, i think the whole thing is stupid and everyone needs to chill

  8. Dima says:

    I dnt thnk TW made anything wrong I mean what’s wrong with saying “where are they now?” Why always take the negative side. And let’s be honest; the way 1D reacted is not well..very PROFFESIONAL…they should not have taken this into public and make all their fans know about it. It should have stayed between them and TW only. Especially that they know that the fans of both groups have conflicts.

    • Recap says:

      Recap I found: all the people fighting are stupid, but TW seem to have started it!

      2010: The Wanted and 1D were on good terms when they met on the X factor.

      2011: Before the release of What makes you Beautiful, The Wanted imply that 1D is nothing to be concerned about in a way “1D, where are they now?”

      Beginning of 2012, The wanted “Glad u came” does well in the USA. Max says something along the line: 1D are no competition, we got a top 5 single, they are nothing yet.

      march 2012, they also commented to Metro on 1D being “only faces, while The wanted are all about the music” and also inferred that they have the cool older fans while 1D have the less cool kids…

      A few weeks later, 1D is bigger than sliced bread. The wanted become further pissed off.

      Probably some more comments, but who can remember them all?

      Then 1D really steps in (Mistake!) and the stupid twitter fights takes place.
      Zayn calls Max a geek . Max replies. zayn replies conversation ended mate when i called you a geek. it gets worse zayn continues insulting Max (that famous STD). Max suggests sorting problems out in person…. Louis and Liam step in to defend their bandmate. Tom steps in to defend his bandmate.

      From then on, it continues ridiculously. The Wanted realize the advantage of this feud to get US press and awareness for their own band after their EP did semi-well and One Direction sold 1 million ++

      Also: a second twitter fight between Louis-Liam & Tom-Max and some “wise words” from jay (nicely worded dig at Louis)…

      Then it’s all through the press: all this nonsense about a boxing match etc etc.

      1D start ignoring TW.

      The wanted (Max mainly) are still fighting/promoting their reality show… pointing fingers at 1D who (Max says) started it all, and later saying that their old comments were misunderstood (someone must have reminded them of those comments…).

      Nathan made a valid effort to stop things during one interview (mis-attributed to Jay)!

      With a sporadic dig from 1D (Louis… who needs to learn to let go and chill out).

  9. Kelsey Nicole says:

    Call us “12″ again…I dare you…Some if us are 12, yes you’re right but it’s not only a 12 year old fan base.! My grandma has One Directions Deluxe Albums on her iPod & last time I checked…My grandma isn’t 12.

  10. 1111 says:

    Max was not saying 1Ds fan base is all 12!!! He was saying that some of them are younger than The Wanted fans! The whole argument would have probably been sorted out by now but 1D chickened out. It seems as if 1D enjoy arguing if they were too scared to apologise to The Wanted!

  11. Sophia says:

    This whole matter is stupid. 2 words is all that has to be said. 1 of them should be the bigger man & just say it.

  12. yo says:

    I feel that both The Wanted and One Direction are at fault. Keeping in mind that I have only seen the public side of this fight, and have no idea what has been going on in the -well- not public, I think that both bands made unnecessary digs and inappropriate comments that at least could have been said in private. I feel as though The Wanted should not have continues insulting One Direction and their fan base when they got famous, and that One Direction should not have defended themselves so immaturely and publicly. in my opinion, both are good bands and they should both just apologize to each other and get this silly thing behind them. (I will admit that it is possible more fighting was done behind closed doors and that it is possible that more, unforgivable actions could have taken place, in which case this comment is completely irrelevant)

  13. Emilyyy says:

    I think its just stupid tbh. Yes I am a big TW fan. I like 1D’s music but I don’t like their attitude – Thats why I much prefer TW. He didn’t say 1D’s fans were all 12 year olds – he just implied that the majority of their fans are younger than TW’s fans – which is true. 1D didn’t need to start a twitter war and it really was pathetic. As for TW keep bringing this up – The media keep asking questions about it. Tbh 1D were not very professional and should have not taken it public getting all the fans involved and starting fan wars with #thingsmorepopularthanthewanted, #thingsmorewantedthanthewanted and #thingsmorepopularthanonedirection. At the end of the day, some fans find it personal and upsetting and lets not forget the band members have feelings too and these ‘wars’ are not exactly lifting their joy.

  14. Gloria says:

    This whole thing is stupid and immature. What with the unecessary fight. 1D, forget about defending and TW, you guys are older than 1D in terms of age, so act like one…and like i said, this whole thing is stupid. We just want music.

  15. Gloria says:

    People people, this whole thing is stupid and immature…and agree, one will defintly support one’s fav band whether their right or wrong and focus on the negetives of the other band. What with the unecessary fight. 1D, forget about defending and TW, you guys are older than 1D in terms of age, so act like one. That way this whole shit will die down…and then 4gotten…and like i said, this whole thing is stupid. We just want music.