The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes & Max George getting ‘sadistic’ death threats from One Direction & Zayn Malik fans!


Nathan Sykes has admitted that he’s been getting some pretty nasty and evil death threats from One Direction fans.

The Wanted singer has mostly stayed out of the feud that has been raging between his boyband and the X Factor stars but after his pal Max George challenged Zayn Malik to a boxing match and claimed he could beat the 1D boys in a sing off, it appears that Directioners are livid with anyone connected to the group.

Max claimed recently that 1D ‘did a runner’ when he asked if they could meet face to face after a US gig and yesterday he admitted that he bears a huge grudge against Zayn after he upset his gran with some derogatory comments.

Sykes is trying his best to stay out of the war of words but he told The Sun that he’s been getting hate mail all the same.

The 20-year-old said:

“What’s surprising is I get death threats and I keep out of it.

the wanted life 2

“When I was having my throat surgery, I got tweets saying, ‘Hope the surgeon slits your throat while he’s at it.'”

Max hasn’t escaped unscathed either and he admitted that some of the messages he has received online have been downright ‘sadistic’.

“I’m not from the most pleasant of areas, but I can’t remember talking like some of those kids do,” the Manchester-born singer added.

“Some of them are 10-year-olds that know ways of sadistic murder.”

max george, zayn malik

One Twitter user tweeted Max last night, saying:

“@MaxTheWanted go die bitch!! from croatian directioner xxxx geyyyyyyy no im not kidding i hate you 1D is the best boybend!!”

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2 Responses to “The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes & Max George getting ‘sadistic’ death threats from One Direction & Zayn Malik fans!”

  1. Megan says:

    now i’m a TW supporter but i don’t see the point of all of this sickness towards each other… i mean what is the whole reason behind it? why would you send death threats to someone who has done nothing wrong? you wouldn’t like it if people you don’t know started sending threats towards you about you dying, death or killing, would you??? even though you did nothing wrong you are hated for just living your life the way you want to. is that really necessary??? people who open their big gobs to something they shouldn’t get involved in, really need to grow up and either try to end the feud in a nice way or ignore it and not get involved, not start the beginning of WW3!!!!!
    now here’s the deal, i don’t care who started it but someone has to finish it before it gets any uglier

  2. julissa perez says:

    I’m on the wanteds side but I still think that both bands diserve to be here so please stop sending death threats nobody deserves them